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mango_mama 2008-11-23 10:06:10



My second grader has been quite studious and is a good student. Loves workbooks and doing homework etc. But recently, have noticed that when I try to make her sit (3/4 times a week) she just refuses and shows attitude. This is new for me and am struggling with it.

I realize that they must natural love for learning is very important and all that. But am wondering if you all can share

1) Your specific tips, examples, words you use to motivate them

2) Any other study tips and habits that work for you.

She also returns from school at 4 so there is not much time and I realize that. But I do want to her to inculcate some study habits and discipline. I had talked to her teacher and told her that once a week I try to make her study and give her a few math sums etc. The teacher was not happy and said that frequency is very important and she should do a few everyday. I do not think I want her to sit down everyday but 3/4 times a week is good. Even that am having trouble with....




PD 2008-11-24 11:14:38



Have u tried making a deal with her? - let her choose the time to sit down and practice / do homework, but u decide on the amount of time and number of times a week she has to do that? Decide on the consequences of not sticking to the deal together.

I am sure u must have tried explaining how she could finish this work soon, and have a lot more time to play or do what she wants to do.....

How about making a time schedule for work and play and other things together for the week?

She must be finding the work boring or not interesting enough......if she has been a good student and this is just a phase she is going through, why bother so much?! Maybe more research oriented homework or something like a game would make it more appealing to her.....

If i think of anything else, will write some more!



AjayMa 2008-11-26 10:40:39


If you have always taken care of her, guided her and helped her in every step of the way, then may be you are seeing symptoms of being independant and wanting to do it her way. This I presume is part of their growing up. I like the suggestions indicated by another parent.

I have seen that giving the independance and making my son realize the element of responsibility has helped. So, I usually let him do what he wants and tell him that he has to bear the consequence as well. There is only so much I can do, and one of them being guiding him to best of my knowledge. Usually, I have seen this work, unless he is so not into doing it at that point, in which case I let him loose and he manages to cope later.

Although my wife believes I give him a little too much independance and is making him a bit more head-strong that what rest of extended family is used to. Well there is a topic that can cause some discussions :-)


JC 2009-03-26 00:37:48


Hi Mango_mama,

These days kids are becoming independent as HW is a routine work (been there done that - check off the list attitude which is very good . Its a sign of confidence!)  for them and they want to complete it when they feel like and they endup doing so, but as parents we are used to seeing them follow a routine and completing their work soon after they get home.

Let your DD decide what she wants to do. This is what I have done for my son since he was in 4 yr old program when there was no HW. Make a folder with a set of workbook sheets for each day of week , label 'em (mon,tue,wed..) and staple them together into 5-6 groups. have a conversation with your child on weekend that she needs to look for that day's work and complete it before dinner time. For my son I was strict about a time slot which was 2:30 or so as he was young. Since then he does his HW by himself and I haven't monitored his daily routine. However I was reminding him about his book report, Current events and projects.

He had to do a diorama for his book report he did both all by himself, my part was to take him to a shoe store and purchased a pair shoes and he got the box which was the base structure for his project. He used box cutter, glue, scissors, aluminum foil, color paper etc. all by himself and I was totally ok with it. 

When ever teacher assigns a major project, I split it into 3 tasks:

   1. A rough draft

    2. Final draft

   3. Final touch (putting it in a folder, writing his name and drawing)

I ask him to assign a day, date and time, duration. I expect him to start working on it. If its writing he kind of take his time but if its a science or art project  doesn't need a reminder and starts working on it by himself. The above mentioned structure gives him an idea where to start and all the work and time involved. I just remind him on that day that he has a project to work on. We ask him to read it to us and we praise for all his hard work.

These days as he turned 8 I tell him to read the test material and I research some online tests for him and he does it by himself. Once in a while I remind him if he took care of his daily routine which includes sharpening 5 pencils, keeping his school bag where it belongs and end my reminder with "you are a big boy now and a responsible kid who doesn't need reminders from his mom". His answer is always I know it. Some of the online games:

Even I love these online quizzes.


Take care,





deeparamesh 2010-02-20 18:15:49



pls can u give some more websites for year-1 kids.we r in london planning to move b'lore next son will miss 2 mths l don't want him 2 feel bore at home,he z going 2 kumon here.but in b'lore there in no branch.pls can u guide me about private class for year-1 kids


Chillibreeze 2011-03-12 13:12:43


Children change everyday! It has to do with everyday distractions that come in the form of new friends, telly shows, etc. Parents need to be firm with children - one way to do thsi is give her the option of choosing the time and subject as another parent suggested and see to it that she follows this.

My son is a second grader too, and he hates his 2nd language - Kannada. I insist that he writes new words each day and read new sentences at a specific time. He groans, but knows he cannot get away with it! :)




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