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PrrishaMom 2011-01-21 14:15:41


My son is 7 years old and he is very slow in nature,  We have to run behind him to finish all his work.

I was putting all my effort to make him fast, but some time I loos my control and leave him on his own ,

Now please give me somer tips on this.

I saw all your advises to the young moms, it was really good and helpful too.

Hope you write for me too.

thank you


gkr101 2011-03-18 10:06:04


hai PrrishaMom

Don't worry about your kid he is good, Some children are a little bit slow, so you don't get angry on him. Spend time with as much as possible.

Try to keep some competitions with him, what he is interested

Like writing, reading, running, eating in any thing try encourage to come first in those activites, slowly he will increase his work speed.

you can encourage him with some gifts when he comes first.

Closely watch him what he is doing and whether he is interested in anything and is his active in all the areas same or different.

I am kavinder reddy father of 2 daughters and a boy.

My two daughters are studying in IIT Kharagpur and my son is in 10th class



aanchal 2011-03-18 10:25:21


hi ramyavinod: when a child doesnt do things "fast", its not a problem, to begin with. like gkr101 said, dont worry.

few pointers to manage the situation:

if your child is showing dawdling (yes, there is a name for it too!!), you need to pause and think,

  • is it his general personality to take it easy and not show 'fast and furious' attitude towards completion of task?
  • is he showing his defiance by not doing what and how you want him to do?
  • is he lacking internal motivation to do things, due to too much pressure from outside environment?
  • is he a weak child and requires some multivitamins?
  • are you too fast for your child to keep pace with you?
  • does he show lack of interest and stamina in sports too?

proper approach will give you better tools to deal with it.

some strategies:

  • time has no specific meaning for a small child and he may not understand "why" he needs to hurry up. coach him gently.
  • establish and maintain a schedule to help him understand what comes next. you can make a graphic and pictorial time table for him.
  • give him ample time to prepare himself for an activity. if you can get ready for a party in 10 minutes, dont expect the same from you child too. if he takes 1 hour, then start the process 1 hour before the scheduled time to leave
  • play 'beat the clock' with him. if you have given him a task of cleaning his room, put a timer there with, say 20 minutes buzzer. the shift of pressure from your side onto a non-authoritative figure (the timer) does wonders to a child who hates being dictated.
  • slow down a bit yourself. dont be too tensed about 'time getting waste'.
  • dont scold him for 'being so slow'. your nagging will slow him further.

hope this helps



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