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anjna 2010-12-13 15:45:16


Hi everyone, my daughter who is 8 years old, studies in Class iii.  She studies daily for almost 1-1/2 hour to 2 hours.  Still she fails to score good marks in her exams.  Her writing speed is also slow.  She is more interested in studying Mathematics but hates English & Hindi.  She works very hard to get A/A+ grades but ends up with B/B+ grade. During her exams I do not pressurise her so that she is not stressed Her teacher also told that the september born kids are slow than those born in october.  as october born kids are one year elder to them.   .   Please suggest me what should I do.


sangeetaroy 2010-12-19 22:49:45



Take..a chill-pill dear..first...dont get too stressed about your daughter...make her study a fun...english and hindi needs more written practice...instead of forcing her make it a habit to deal with both the subjects only for 30 mins everyday..and sept and oct kids are just a 7 years old son is in the verge of completion of 2 nd std...but i have not faced any pob by gods grace till relax..she will do good..





Indralok 2010-12-23 14:08:20



To improve the writing speed, get your kid to copy a page from her textbook or from her favourite book everyday. Speed comes with practise. if you have the time, you can also call out the page and make her write. every week, you can call out a little faster and slowly her speed will improve.

It also makes sense to do this from question/answers in her own notebook, so she gets a revision of the lesson as well.

After she does her day's written homework, organise her study by subjects per day, retaining only Math everyday. Give her an hour or so to learn a subject (say Social Studies or English) and then give her an oral or a written test at the end of the hour.

You have to get into a routine and organise her time in the evening after school and give her tasks accordingly. eg. After school, 1 hour for bathing, snacks/lunch, and generally chilling out. Then 1 hour for homework followed by 1/2 an hour of outdoor play or TV. Then 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour for the writing followed by 1/2 an hour of break. Again 1 hour of revision of the 'Subject of the Day' followed by the test. Then dinner break and then Maths revision and then keeping clothes etc for the next day and off to bed. This is how I arrange my son's day and he does really well in school.

Another thing is to keep giing her written revision exams in a couple of subjects every weekend. By the exam time, she will be totally comfortable with writing erh exams and writing fast.

It's always easier for younger children, when you give them breaks in between studies so that their mind remains fresh. This lays the foundation for good study habits when they grow older. Keep giving her juices etc to keep her hydrated during breaks. This takes some effort on the parent's part, but will pay off.




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