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Sohela 2010-12-03 12:52:38


hey i have suggested abt forming a group of  parents and kids..  i m working mother of 9 years son.. as kids are growing they tend to enjoy more with the kids of their age group.. we are facing this problem now days whenever we three i.e. me hubby and my son we all go out for some picnic or shopping or just be at home and njoy some movie. my son tends to say i am getting bored. we both try to play and talk with him n have fun with him.. but somewhere we lack to do masti as he does with his friends and other kids..


on that this idea of forming a group of kids and parents came to my mind.. i am already active on one  group GFB.. n very happy and want more people to join that..


 Former member 2010-12-05 01:08:19


wots gfb...?? i will be shiftg to b'lore next year april  and my daughter will be 9 then...i wud love to join groups...


mickey 2010-12-06 11:13:34


Hi Alu,

Well, GFB is short form of Great Friendship Bond which we have formed in 'Lets Form a Friendship Bond'  thread in parentree. Many friends from different cities are connecting with each other here. You too can have a look  in the below link.

It  is a rocking friendship bond on parentree  which u can join too.  Today we are celebrating our 6th month anniversary too.

You can share your views, ideas and experience about everything and can get help/suggestions from our friends too. A few of our Mumbai, Pune , Hyderabad and Trivandrum friends have met each other. Our group has home makers and working moms  from all parts of India and a few of them  from US, UK, Australia and China too.  We share our personal details through personal email ids or parentree inbox. We have also formed a group in facebook where we can see each other and chat sometimes.

We have many Mumbaikars too.  It is nice to see Sohela  who joined us recently bonding at GFB regularly.

You can find the following ingredients in our GFB :-

" Pure & caring relationship, encouragement, well wishes, knowledge & info, readiness to guide, support & help, enjoyment & entertainment, selfless love and lot many other positive & beautiful ingredients  which make this bond a really Great Bond."




Sohela 2010-12-15 21:09:29


Mickey tnx for replying just saw this today..



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