Father's Role ?

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katie 2010-11-25 12:36:56


 Hello Friends 

I m in big dilema.....i thought venting out wud be gr8 idea.

My hubby just came back from overseas assignment after 3 long months.

while i took care of 2  young kids back home....

But my husband simply refuse to acknowledge  my sacrifices, pains .

though my hubby is good man but he is not interested in child rearing .

At times he jokingly advised  to his friends ..........who was getting married that they should not have kids as long as possible.

even when i was prego...i used to surf for the good articles  on pregnancy  but he never participated.

when i got prgnant for the 1st time....& disclosed the news to him he said .......so what even animals have babies.

Am i the onle one who's facing this?





 Former member 2010-11-25 13:11:59



Pls don't take to heart by ur husband reaction as u r aware he is very good. The reason could be he want to spend more time with u & feels kids are disturbing him. Everything will be ok within a short time as he starts spending time with the kids.








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