My son 10 yr old laughing from past few days remembering his class incident!!! Please help!!

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nikhilgarg 2022-11-03 15:47:15


My Son is 10 Yrs, he has been laughing from a quiet a few days remembering something happened in his school class. Because of this he has been laughing at home in his class or during studying at home. He had been earlier diagnosed with slight autism. He has been getting good marks though in class and has a strong memory remembering incidents from last 3-4 years. The class children have started bullying him. Though I have thought not to be concerned with them and prove yourself in your studies.
I am thinking of getting him engaged in some sports after school.
Kindly help how to handle it.......

Sangkj 2022-11-28 14:01:24


You better discuss with Psychologist. People remember old things and smile at themselves. I dont think it is such big issue. You make him aware to control his thoughts while in school and public.


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