Mild austistic child - move to US or stay in India

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dadboy 2022-08-29 13:10:41


My child (5 yrs old) has been diagnosed early this year with mild autism, and is undergoing therapy currently at home. He has been showing considerable improvement over past 5 months (since the therapy started), I guess it will still take some time for him to show great improvement. As parents we are happy on his progress, and his feedback from school.

Based on my observations over past 5 months, while the awareness on autism seems to have gotten better in India (in Hyderabad), I still see some gray areas or some people where it is hard to explain why he is that away. Even most my colleagues in IT hardly understand what it is. Also, we have been looking for schools for him next year, and we seem to have only limited options who provide support for him in the mainstream schools.

The point here is, while I was talking to couple of my well wishers, they suggested US could be a better option for such children and can provide wide array of opportunities for him. On those lines, my leadership in US gave me an opportunity to move to US through intra company transfer. My wife initially agreed and was excited, but now she is in dilemma whether my child can flourish if we move him out of his current comfort zone. This move will also provide me an opportunity to spend more time with him, unlike here where I spend most of the evenings/nights in long calls. I am unable to push to my wife to consider moving, as I would need her complete support if at all we move.

I have seen several blogs on this situation explaining pros and cons, so if any expert parents can shed some advice on my situation, that will be of great help. Will it good for the child to move? or do you advise we stay put where we are?


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