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tsnap299 2022-06-15 20:11:46


Having a tough time getting my 6 year old son do home work.
He is very lazy and not interested to do his home work.Need to sit near him and push him to get the work done. Even for moving to the next page, need to push him. At school and tuition, we are getting complaints like he is getting easily distracted and doesn't follow the class. 
Really not sure where our future is heading. He has no issues talking and expressing his thoughts. However at times he is inactive, lazy. From the time he wakes up in the morning, we need to push him for everything like brushing teeth, drink milk, go to bathroom etc.

While going out in car or places he likes, he is really talkative and active! He picks and chooses people. For example, he likes talking to his cousin and very active while talking to him and even to his grand mother. Even to them every now and then he loses track and becomes inactive or does dreaming all of a sudden. 
He keeps singing to himself over the coarse of the day. While singing if he call out his name, he responds immediately. 
With all these symptoms we feel he is in the mild state. Really confused. Every day is a challenge. He can ride bi-cycle on his own and likes swimming. He always pulls me to the swimming pool. However he doesn't interact much with other kids in the play area.

We are really in a state of confusion. And thinking a lot about the 2nd kid. time is running away and we are in a state of depression. please help and share your thoughts


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