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arunaj5 2022-05-12 09:06:04


dear al, my son is 6.5  year old, knows to write but not interested , started to read but never reads, he reads words slowly when he needs it, i have tried to get this habit daily by sitting and reading books, he is hyperactive and plays happily with younger and elder children.i bought hand grippers thinking if he is avoiding due to posture , but no,  he does drawing with pen very comfortably, he is not disciplined and very aggresive when we try to force things.


sri2005 2022-05-16 12:32:59


hi arunaj5,

Please do not force things to happen. it may repel. make your child write every day not more than 10 lines or so. Gift him something he likes so much for his writing. find the ways to inspire , motivate him. Feel blessed that he is mingling with all age groups and playing . The writing part will improve gradually. Dont worry and dont over think. 
Kids tend to become aggressive when u force things on them. kindly don't do that. Discipline is the big word to use now. he is just 6.5 years old. Don't overload your mind with high expectations like discipline and so on. 
Is he interested in playing chess, carroms , cricket , badminton......encourage him. Games will help improve focus. 
Cut down screen time.

All the best.



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