schooling in india vs Outside India ?

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vans1234 2010-11-11 21:20:59


 Hello Friends 

Recently we moved to Pune from US....sometimes i think did we make the right decision in tems of educational perspective.

Lets discuss.

mickey 2010-11-12 14:11:57


Hi Vans,

It is indeed a thought provoking discussion. Many of my friends and cousins have come back just for the sake of their kids'  education.  Well, I am from Hyderabad and my kids are studying in Hyd presently.

What is it that you lack in US which u find in India  and vice versa ?  I would like to know if you don't mind, what made u re-think in terms of education ?  In which school are your children studying and how old are they ?

If they are in middle or high school, i guess the transition from US to Indian system of education will be a bit tough for them to handle.

May be we can discuss after your inputs.






RoshMom 2010-11-12 15:40:51


Hi Vans,

There are both advantage and disadvantage in both the systems.I feel mainly the experience of the child in US system of education differs a lot from that of Indian system such as the way the children are handled, examination tension, parents' partnership in child's education, Methods of teaching, Involvement of the school community in the society, teacher to children ratio, the class atmosphere etc and if your son is used to going to a private school in US, then he will be finding it even more difficult in adjusting to the system as the freedom students get is totally different.

My son is studying in a private American School. So I can understand how you feel. As Mickey said If the kid is in the middle or high school, the transition would be very difficult. The elementary school children will also get mentally affected. But they will easily manage the transition. So in my opinion, as long as the child enjoys going to school and able to manage the transition, no need to worry as the education in India is no way inferior to that of US. 


vans1234 2010-11-12 17:27:47


Hi  Mickey & Roshmom

My kids r studying at sanskriti school, Pune...... 1st grade & nursery.

its just that in US they use lots of tecnologies u know different software like LEXIA , SCRATCH  may be more as i dont know.

no book fairs  here unlike there.

In Massachusetts they do this MCA's  annually here ther is no such thing.



RoshMom 2010-11-13 10:40:29


Hi Vans,

I think Lexia is widely used only in Massachusetts or may be in another couple of states if I am not wrong. Very few schools outside MA use lexia. Even if you had moved to another state, you may not have used the tool.  I do agree that book fairs are surely missing in Indian schools. But these days most of the schools get books from scholastics. there is a branch in Delhi. So you can try suggesting some of these things to school management during the conference.


vans1234 2010-11-13 22:50:48


 Hi Roshmom,

So  do u think MA 's educational standard is higher than others....

Also how old r ur kids....& do they taking other classes for enrichment  for different subjects.

My son used to go to a days he's taking hindi classes.



RoshMom 2010-11-14 05:04:54


Hi Vans,

I wouldn't say that MA's standard is better than any other state's. I think each state follows it's own tools and technologies based on the university they follow. for example IL follows the methods formulated by university of chicago for math and english.

My son is 5. he is in Kindergarten. And I don't send him for any classes like kumon as the school has its own literacy program and math program and they are not using any tool. But we use lots of work books for english and Math.  If you want to continue kumon in India, you can buy the kumon workbooks from any online book store.  right now delhi is the only place where they conduct Kumon classes.


mickey 2010-11-15 11:43:03


Hi Vans, I agree with Roshmom too. You can always tell the school management to conduct some book fairs.  Usually Scholastic Publishers conduct it  regularly in schools. I don't know about Sanskriti School as such. But I  would definitely suggest you to take pains to teach your kids through different work sheets,  tools  and some innovative ways if possible. Roshmom has been doing an excellent work in this field.

As your kids are small, they will get adjusted soon in any school you admit. If u feel, the school is following a rote method, try some good international schools in Pune where they follow IB PYP methodologies.





vans1234 2010-11-15 13:36:50



Thanks for the replies.

@ Roshmom, i did bought kumon workbooks  for them one grade ahead already from flipkart . if u know some other sites or sources pls let me know.

@ Mickey i,m thinking about joining british library though....& still have online access to boston public library i'm fine as of now.

Could u pls name the Tools....? 


RoshMom 2010-11-15 18:24:10


Hi Vans,

I too always buy from flipkart as it's very reliable. But i haven;t tried the other websites.   - Pustak is verrry expensive. Almost double the price that is mentioned in other websites



ASHSHROFF 2011-08-29 20:23:58



I am a mom of two one is six years son and the other 2 years daughter and i am from west indies ,but now planning to come back to my country India. so please can someone suggest me which school is the best school for them.


Thanks in Advance.





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