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tsnap299 2021-10-21 07:23:16


My 6 year old son talks and interacts well. But has issues following what the teacher tells at school / tuition. i.e if the teacher addresses the whole class he may not follow but for one to one discussion he will follow. At home when he is bored and tired, he does day dreaming and talks to himself. And sometimes when he is around kids, he doesn't involve much and does escapism.
I have searched for some articles in the internet and it says when parents argue / fight in front of their child, this happens. Myself and my wife fight at times at home but not often. We got to see this behavior of my son when he went to mainstream school at 3.5. I feel really guilty that I am the reason for this behavior of my son.
We were in the US when we 1st saw this behavior. Currently my wife, son at India and me at US.

Please check the below article

please let me know if someone has similar experience with your kids.

tsnap299 2021-12-16 08:00:19


Please let me know if anyone has faced issues like this


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