Schooling for my 6 years old Autistic son in Bangalore

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Father4A 2020-02-13 14:35:44


Hello Everyone,

My son has been diagnosed with autism when he was 4 years old. We have tried multiple schools for him from Chrysalis to Prakriya Green wisdom school but they have their own issues.
Prakriya has an open-ended environment and they want kids to explore on their own but my son needs a more structured environment. Prakriya also doesn't have special education provision. It's a good school but not the right fit for my kid.

Chrysalis on the other hand provide has special education but regular teachers can't give special attention to our son due to class strength and they also don't understand the special needs. Special education class is the only benefit but that we have there but we can get outside also.
We are looking for a school where my son can get special attention according to his needs. He requires Speech Therapy, OT and Special Education. We are looking for a school near the Bellandur area +- 7 Kms. 
We have tried Bethany Special school but they take kids from the age of 7 years.

The other confusion that we have is that our son has mild autism and he is not fitting well in regular school because he needs special attention.
On the other hand, he has good eye contact, he has a lot of patience and can sit in one place for a good amount of time. He is able to speak in sentences with us, not with new people. We are not sure what will be his response to the special school if other kids have more behavioral issues there.
If you have experience in this area can you please also help us here? This is a difficult decision for us.

prouddad123 2020-05-26 02:38:05


Hi @Father4A,
  Did you end up finding any such schools? I hope other parents could chime in and please help out about schools in Bangalore area. Many parents like us are trying to get genuine inputs from parents whose kids are already mainstreamed so that they can do what is best for their kid as well. Your inputs would help lot of other High functioning kids as well.
Please help out.


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