My seven year old son seems to be having his first crush!!!

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girish 2009-06-25 08:31:45


My son told us that he likes one of the girls in fifth grade as she is very beautiful and kind.He went up to her and said Hi.And he said he will never give up on her.He also told us that we will rubbish him if he expresses his feelings for her!!!  He is an extremley sensitive child and we do not want him to get affected by this.I know this a passing phase,but isn't he too too young to be feeling anything remotely like this?

I am shocked and don't know how to handle this.Help!!!

mango_mama 2009-06-25 09:42:29


So  cute but yes a tricky sticky situation. Have a 3rd grader girl and would love to fortify myself with some good info. from you all for when my time comes. ;-)

I am not sure, but some raw thoughts:

Relax. Your son could be in trickier situations--hitting some boy on his face or something. Do not react.  Perhaps say, it is good that he likes someone and has a friend. Friendship and love are the greatest thing in the world. Papa/Mama too love you. Maybe he is finding refuge in this friendship-- a good friend he does not have in the class. Perhaps have playdates with other boys / girls in the class. It will pass and come back a few grades later perhaps. ;-) Or maybe he really does have a crush on her. Hmmm...

Any thoughts?

Gotta share this incident: My 2nd grader's friends were sitting on a dining table and having their milk and snack, when I heard something about boy girl kissing or something. I gotta admit, my heart skipped a beat but I went and kissed my little girl and her friends and diffused the situation by saying how i loved them and was expressing my love by kissing them. Then they were all laughing and the topic got changed naturally. One of the few times I did not react I guess...but am glad i did not.

Would love to hear more...



jayabs 2009-06-25 09:55:20


my Goodness ! hearing all these i think we shud be well prepared to deal with the situations ! :-)

Let me wait for my turn ;-)


umasworld 2009-06-25 14:45:46



I know how you feel, but this is so sweet! :) you think he has good taste? ;)

I would think, just be an active listener, don't prod too much and don't react... I think this is quite natural and the good thing is that he is sharing this with you, so you know what's happening with him. Being a listener and not judging him is important to keep that trust.

And be prepared to handle some sensitive emotions - not as easy as it sounds...but make sure he knows taht you are with him no matter what and he has all your love and support...

I know all this gospel is easier to deliver when you are not dealing with your own kid....can someone save this and remember to play it back to me when my turn comes? :D





madhuriesingh 2009-09-22 12:16:28


 Hi Girish, 

I have heard much more astonishing and totally know how you must be going through :).

But haven't you heard love sees no age . LOL

But it's best time to make him understand different types of love and feelings. 

I believe we parents must not wait too long to teach such mushy yet sensitive topics.  Infact it's better to teach them early.

Read my next post on Teaching homosexuality to kids.

Tc cr

Madhurie Singh


JC 2009-10-23 18:11:16


I think its perfectly alright but soon the boy girl thing will start in his mind. When boys start  to play more macho games and girls play gentle doll house or little tom boy sort of games.

My son  would come home and tell me " I played with girls as boys were being mean and playing rough games", next thing you know is  principal's call to boys' parents. so I always insisted it really doesn't matter even now he has toys like cooking utensils and bedroom set etc.

Kids have their way of putting  words to their feelings. My guess is he your son is very close to his mom, and he sees that kind, tender, nurturing nature in that 5th grade girl. At 10 + age girls are much more sophisticated, loving and caring especially towards younger kids. While his classmate girls won't interact much with boys. Boys who must be super hyper. 

I think its perfectly alright, may be his way of feeling secured at school and feel like home away from home. It might help him stay strong.

If your son watches Hindi or regional language movies then he must be just copying what he watches, but that too will change as he grows older.





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