Suggestion for class 3 kid - reading /writing in school .

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Idev 2019-12-23 14:40:20


My Son 8 year ( class 3)  is not responding to class teacher for dictation writing and reading. Though at home also he struggles a bit but other normal. He is not open with teachers in school though he is in same school since class 1.
Is it good to repeater class 3 for him in same school ?
appreciate any advice/suggestion pls. 

Anay2811 2020-05-08 06:44:25


Kindly consult counseller of his school and also his class teacher personally or during PTM to rule out if any problems. Sometimes children have difficulty facing teachers or concentration issues. So first rule out if the child is facing any difficulty at proper age. If no such issues then it's ok let the child take his own time.


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