School for KID with 6 yr old with Learning Disability

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SantoshNagalikar 2018-10-09 11:03:17


Hi Admin's / Parentree Members , 

Our Cute Son is very sober , soft spoken with very few words ,  very calm , adjustable to changes but is on mild autistic spectrum disorder .

We have recently moved from USA to Hyderabad. He was also going to Special School even in USA and also having undergoing ABA Therapies and also Speech Therapy.

We are now looking for school with special needs or even normal who accepts Special need kids with shadow teacher facility . Any Guidance is greatly appreciated .

goodcause2019 2019-06-27 19:46:28


Hi Santhosh,
My son is 8yrs old. We live in US. He is not diagnosed with autism, but I feel he comes under high functioning autism. Now he speaks and makes a conversation. But he is not able to socialize in a group. When all the kids play outside, he goes to them and just stands with them. He doesn€™t understand how to play with them. At school he is in main stream and he goes to resource room for English and math.
we are thinking to move to India for his better progress. Any advise.


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