Kid is Bullied by neighbours kids

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sanju23 2018-06-24 23:37:48


Hi, My son is 5 years and is studying LKG. My neighbour cum house owner's kids who are 10 & 4 respectively are bullying my kid. My kid is soft-spoken in nature and if they beat him he comes back crying and he doesn't give them back. I spoke to their parents but they never control them instead they ask me to bring my child Boldly. This makes me worried and I couldn't leave him to play with them. And whenever they cross my home they sneak things and scare him by shouting etc. As I'm a homemaker I'm seeing this everyday. As the neighbours are working parents they doesn't bother all these. Help me what should I do? How to make my child overcome them?

hitardha 2018-06-25 17:44:43


Ok. I will start with my limited experience. Dealing with bullying kids is tricky. We can not encourage our kids to revolt and beat them back. All you have to do is make your son brave, by spending good time with him if possible try to engage him some sports training. By doing this you are eliminating the dependency of your kid to play with those indiscipline kids. your son will overcome the fear (which is more important)

Try to present in the scene, when your kid playing with them, that way you can control those bullies. STAY STRONG. 


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