Stop nailbite

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Vedasubbu 2018-04-30 19:50:32


My son is 8year old and he has d beloved this habit of bitting his nails once all his hand finger nails are out he starts hitting his toe nails...
I€™m really worried how do help him get rid of this habit .
thanks in advance 

ashoktel 2018-05-14 13:28:43


Hey Vedasubbu, Even i have this habbit of nail biting and by seeing me my kid also started doing this. I tried educating him and he finally given up the habbit. Now, whenever i try biting my nails infront of him, he will warn me that he will also start biting his nails if i do so again.. Ha ha ha..Do not scold him. Just educate him and he will also give up this habbit. Make sure no one has this habbit in your family as seeing them again your kid may start doing the same someday.


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