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Cher 2010-09-21 12:26:03


I have a 7 yr old daughter. I just cant get her to study willingly - although she is very good and picks up even by reading once. I have to keep pestering her to study.  She is totally adicted to the TV and throws tantrums when I forcebly turn it off.  Please advice

 Former member 2010-09-21 13:04:43


Hi Cher...

From what you have written the biggest problem seems to be TV..once kids get addicted to this then they rarely want to do anything else..kids need someone to play with them..if she has friends in the building encourage her to go and play with them..or else ask her to go cycling in the evenings in the compound...encourage her to read story books, best would be you sitting along and reading it to her..last resort would be to enrol her into some activity class like drawing, skating, karate..anything that she would enjoy..this way she will be away from TV and becomes active..also make study time fun time..rather than asking her to go and study, sit with her and teach in the play way method...yes the key to all  this is your active participation only then will your kid become active...

p.s: make sure your tv has child lock..this way you can ensure that TV is on only for specified hour.



Cher 2010-09-21 14:58:18


Hi Sahiba,

Thanks for the good advice. Will try it out.



mickey 2010-09-21 16:43:21


Very well said Sahiba...Yes, Cher, you need to have lot of patience to get rid of this habit. Don't just turn off the TV suddenly as they will have withdrawl symptoms. Limit it to one show and  then promise to show the next one very soon say after her home work or playtime or activities.

You have got to sit with her and involve yourself. Bring some craft books or take her to kitchen. Generally girls observe a lot  in the kitchen. Let her make some sandwiches or  some simple dish where no cooking is required. 

For sandwiches , give her  little butter, bread slices, some pieces of cucumber, tomato or mayonnaise..Let her spread and make on her own even if she creates a mess.  Alternatively , u can give some atta to knead and let her make different shapes...What I mean to say is that u need to deviate her into some other activity so that she forgets about TV.

If she is too stubborn, remove the fuse of TV and tell her that it isn't working and distract her into some activity and then bring her to do her home work when she is in a good mood.

I have tried all this and  have successfully got over this habit.  It was too tough for the first three days...but then u will  surely see +ve  results within no time...

Wishing U Good Luck,




nesameh 2010-09-30 14:43:16


 Hi cher,

wow already u got good ideas from Mickey and sahiba... even i got the same problem bt now it helps me a lot... 

my son is 5 yrs old just i allow him to watch one or two shows.. i take him to the book shop and shows the kids books whtever he want i bought it for him.. he used to read those books becas of him interests...

evening times i take him to the park and let him to play in the good environment he love that..

some times colouring and activity books and some useful dvd's... it will take some time.. so u should be patience just let her in the way wht she wants bt change her activites not to be addicted on TV...

and try her to do some reciepes like mickey says

now my son helps me whtever i do and he is not adicted on TV..

Good Luck






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