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samira14 2010-09-08 00:26:03



to all the parents on this website,

my daughter has just entered the 1st standard. the schools here are following the cbse pattern of education. we are presently located in muscat oman.

i would like to know when do the cbse board start evaluating students with exams.

presently they are being given evaluation on a weekly basis.

when does exams start in the cbse pattern.

thanks to all.

apar_sai 2010-09-08 11:27:19



The cbse pattern has recently changed. It is now somen called CCE, I'm sure you've heard about it already. The childrne are assessed continuously on their subject-knowledge, oral skills, behavior etc.

Re. exams, it varies across schools - some have semester exams, some have monthly tests etc.

In first/second standards, my son had only weekly worksheets (like ur daughter). From third onwards, he has cycle tests 5 times in a year (no annual exam).




mickey 2010-09-09 12:38:08


Hi Samira,

CBSE has started CCE for classes 6,7,8 too from this year. It was there for classes 9 &10 last year.

As such there are no exams for classes 1 to 5 . There is only grading system. Teachers are not supposed to mention ranks too in the report cards.

For more details you can visit . You can register in the site and clarify all your doubts regarding syllabus and teaching methodolgy .







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