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KK2015 2017-07-14 21:35:26


Hi Friends,

My 6 years old boy is not using toilets in school. He is holding until he reach home. he is feeling shy to ask / to use toilets in school. Sometimes little he passing in his trousers while coming from school. 

We have explained him so many times that he has to use toilets in school at least at lunch break. Also wrote on his dairy but no use.

Have you anybody deals such matters earlier / Have you anybody have any suggestions on my issue. Kindly advise.


sssk 2017-10-13 11:28:52



As a parent i understand your worries about your kid but i think you should meet his teacher.First ask your kid why he feel so shy.May be his classmates makes fun of other kids who are using toilets or he dont like using school toilets.At this stage we cant be rude to kids so ask him politely if there is any other issue.Tell him what can happened if he is not going toilets at time.Make some story and tell him.Hope you will solve this problem as soon as possible.Please let us know also.


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