How to tell your child that time is money

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shaka 2010-06-29 14:27:13


hi ,my 7years old son spend many time to doing his homework specially for writing and completed his workbook.When he come from school again he spend more time to keep his things in roper place & get ready for lunch . every time I tell him that you shall do your every work as fast as you can but perfect. And go for playing or do some other activity which would you like,but he don't listen me. I am get confused and don't understand how I told him that time is money & how he doing his every work fast. I don't like to teasing, scolding him but I have no option. I want to become a good friend of my son but how? I am a working woman & have 2nd girl baby she is 2 years old .  my son is very good in studies but don't like writing & wasting his time because of that he don't get time to play with other children . so that he get nervous . I am also feel bad,but I have don't know solution for this problem.Everyday i am sitting with him when he is doing his homework and get completed. So please I need your help . 

aanchal 2010-06-29 14:50:00


dear anuradha..seems like your son is facing 3 problems here: lack of concept of time, inability to manage self-help chores and some negativity as reagrds studies.

first, to deal with time management, sit down with him and make separate time tables of weekdays and weekends. stick them at his eye level. it will give him a very fair idea of what to do now and next. 

second, coach him on speed and dexterity in basic self-help skills. may be his visual motor coordinaiton is not properly developed and he is not able to do the required chore swiftly.

third,  try and develop his interest in his work, without putting any pressure. when kids feel that they are being forced to do something, they rebel. when they feel that they are expected to do something, they hesitate. but when they feel that they are helped/motivated to do something, they do it readily. from your post, your anxiety is veyr clearly felt. calm down and take it easy. he is only 7years old. give him lot of time and space to finish a job. thats the best way to learn.


iamchetana 2010-06-30 21:50:13


Hi there


I feel that some of these peoblems that you hae posted point towards yur son having some perceptual difficulties. Writing also seems to be a difficulty. At this age when they donot hae the concept of time.. leave alone money he is not going to understand the connection tat time is money.. which even adults dont understand. The reason for his forgetfulness, disorganisation and writing problems may be something else.. Can yu tell if he can read well? Can he copy from the board?  How are his spellings? Is he able to make friends?

Let me know and we may be able to find his real difficulty





shaka 2010-07-01 09:52:56


hi chetana, my son is very good in his studies, reading books.he can copy everything from board with correct spelling. but when he come home he is not doing his work fast. may be my expectation is lot from him. every time I expect that he is always good in his work. when I expect that I don't know I am right or wrong? I don't like to scolding but when he doing a mistake everytime I think that he is small, but at the next time I have not controlled on my mind , and scolding him . I don't know what to do?


Gayathrisury 2010-07-08 18:55:40



give ur son sometime. keep keep talking  to him affirmatively in a friendly tone. Casualy tell others what a fantastic boy he is (u shdnt say anything straight to him, that's the catch), how he has been able to do his things fast, like that on a frequent basis. Wait & watch -- after some days(maybe weeks or months, patience is the key) u tend to see results.





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