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rukmini 2010-06-29 13:19:23



Do you sit with and help your children when they are studying?  Till what age or what class, parents should help children in their studies?

When I was young, I don't even remember my parents asking me about my home work, leave alone, helping me in studies.

But, I hear from my colleagues and friends, even in high school, they help their children in studies.  They say that if they do not sit with the children, they would not study.  Have today's children become more irresponsible or parents are over enthusiasic?

My son is now in 5th standard; he doesn't need/expect my help in studies, but he expects my co-ordination/monitoring.  Should I continue to do that or should I leave him on his own?  At what stage I should leave him completely on his own?  Experienced parents, please advice.





aanchal 2010-06-29 14:38:51


dear rukmini, helping or not helping depends entirely on the child's need..need in terms of academic help, emotional support or an external pressure..if you feel your child needs your support, continue to provide. it will not make him dependent on you. rather, it will give him more confidence and enthusiasm.

in our times, the pressure of studies was not so high. also, we had lots of free time at our disposal and thus never had any real time pressure to do homework, self-study, projects, etc etc..but today, kids have to do a lot of curricular and extra curricular activities and have very little free time.. and this our anxiety comes into picture. 

dont worry too much.  :)


rukmini 2010-07-31 21:13:24


 Thanks Aanchal............



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