How to cultivate reading habits in the young minds

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coolblue 2011-03-21 15:53:12


Few things that works with my DD -


1. Whenever the kid asks a doubt or a question and you dont know, tell the kid that you will have to look it up in a book and then let her know. Thus, the kid understands that books have some info for all their buzzing questions of their mind.

Keep the books that the kids like which is easily accessible. Say the last row of the book shelf. So whenver he sees colorful books he will want to read.  You can use book time when eating, dressing up, sleeping time and play time also.

You can use superb sites such as (for beginners) which has puzzles and reinforces reading through simple stories. That way they will be happy that they are looking at computer or laptop and they get to read as well.

As said by one of the members here, usage of books right from the very early age is the key.  And more importantly, dont give up.  :) Show the kid how much YOU love reading than asking the kid to read. Ensure your kids always see how much you are into magazine or newspaper reading. Kids will slowly get into the groove.


Happy Reading!


znljubica 2011-03-27 02:54:10


There is post My child does not like to read on Blogs (this site)

Please, read it. It may be very useful for you.




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