my daughter writes slowly

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anjna 2010-05-17 16:18:22


hi friends,

my daughter is 7years plus.  she is studying in class iii.  she writes very slow.  everyday she comes home with incomplete work.  in extra curricular activities.  someone suggested me to get the iq-test done.  can some please suggest me wat to do

aanchal 2010-05-18 11:23:50


hi anjna, isnt she a bit young to be in class 3? 

slow writing can have many reasons (like poor eye sight, poor dexterity, poor finger strength, poor writing posture, lack of interest in studies etc). IQ tests are done when mental retardation is suspected. how is she generally? an active chirpy bubbly child? or is she little slow in all her chores? how are her self-help skills (like eating, dressing up, engaging into activities etc) developed? how is she health-wise? how is her social life? answers to these questions will help me guide u better.

take care :)


anjna 2010-05-18 22:17:03


hi aanchal,

my daughter is actually september born.  thus in a way she is the youngest one in her class.  There is no problem with eye sight, fingure strength or writing posture.  however she is lacking inteset in the studies, she is also facing problem whe she has to copy something from blackboard/book.  she is stubborn, she creates lot of problem in getting up or getting ready for school, for every small thing, we have to tell her number of times.  Health wise, ther are no issues.  she also can't stick to one thing at a time.  she looses interest quite often.  she wants to make friends but she ends up with something or the other.  only 2 friends are very close to her heart. 

 mental retardation is not there.  but we strongly feel that she loses the focus.  she is very good in mathematics.  otherwise she is an average child on the school

Please help me out if you could


aanchal 2010-05-19 11:34:26


you can get her tested to 'specific learning difficulties'..the test will give you details of her strengths and weaknesses and then you can proceed accordingly.

i know a good special educator, who is in faridabad right now, and will be moving to gurgaon by month-end. if u want, u can get in touch with her for the test..i personally dont know anyone else, but i am sure there are many special educators in delhi, who can help you out on this.

you may also want to meet a psychologist to councel your daughter directly.


amitgupta 2010-12-23 15:15:51


 Hi Aanchal

Your post mentioned about a good special educator moving to Gurgaon by May end 2010. Can you share the details for this special educator? I am in Gurgaon and we are looking for a special educator in Gurgaon.




aanchal 2010-12-23 17:56:40


hi amit, i will get back to you with her details..need to ask her first :)


amitgupta 2010-12-23 19:12:51


Thanks Aanchal.

Just in case needed, we are looking for a special educator for our 7.5 year old son. He is in class II




abhishek30051985 2010-12-24 00:41:11


 Hello People 

If yur SON or daughter is writing slowly its not his or her mistake 

Its just the human body takes its time to adjust with the pencil

The Remedy is simple 

Ask him or her to make a complete process from wheat flour to a moulded batter 

with his or her hands 

do this for 2-3 days 

This makes the fingers Stiff and is ready to write it at any speed.


Try it and let me know 

my email is

And feel free to ask If yu want any help regarding anything..

Take care...


inder 2010-12-29 16:19:24


Hi All,

I know a very good child counsellor... Mrs. Sandeep Oberoi. You can contact her at

She is based in Faridabad. I had problems with my 7 year old son and believe me, she did wonders to my child. I shall always recommend her.




sakshimaha 2011-03-04 19:27:04


Hi, Aanchal/ Anjana,

Hi, My son is 9 yrs+, & he dont like to write, his school work is always incomplete, never finish his homework, just not interested in studies. Had a talk with teachers as well as counsellors. According to them he is bright chid, know everthing & like to answer orally only instead of writting. His IQ level is 120. i Take him 3 days a week for remedial treatment. my son says he wants to fix everything that are broken, he loves doing that. Speak verry less but always experimenting everything. Expers says : He has some learning disability as far as writting is concern. Do anyone know any school in Puna, who supports & help such students. Pls help me out. Thank you.




aanchal 2011-03-04 22:16:48


sorry sakshi,

i dont know anyone in should find out a psychologist there and get him tested for learning disability instead of relying on vague diagnosis by anyone. what kind of remedial are you taking him to? many times, learning problems have emotional roots. a good psychologist should be able to guide you properly.

if you come to bangalore sometime, you can come to me for assessments.

check these out :


binaneil 2011-03-06 14:38:06


Hi Sakshi,

The same problem is faced by  my son who is  9+  ,   a bright child with above average IQ and diagnosed as  dyslexic. He is taking remedial help as well as occupational therapy sessions for his writing problem. It  has helped him a lot. You need to assess your child first to rule out the possibilty of  learning disability and to know his pattern of learning.   The schools as well as educational boards  provide lot of consessions to the students facing learning difficulties.







batras 2013-01-08 11:57:54


Hi Anchal,

I am in bangalore and would like to contact you to discuss similar issues faced by my son. Kindly let me have your contact details.




Hasu 2013-08-29 12:21:32


 Hi Anjna, did u find any solution for ur daughter, if so can u please help me the same problem and issues with my 7+ year old son.  I don't know how to handle.


Parthasarrathy0102 2016-02-07 15:48:27


Iam from chennai, my daughter is of 10 years.  She writes  slowly and learns slowly can u please give me remedies

Manu17 2016-02-17 17:13:07


Hi Aanchal,

my son's handwriting was good till some months back, but now he can't read what he has written.

I keep telling and showing him his old handwriting, but there is no use. he wants to finish his work fast so writes fast and in the end you can't understand what he has written. This is the problem that is faced by now currently.


Risha2805 2019-05-15 17:22:25


Hi Madam, My daughter is in 4th. In all other activities and socially she is very good. But in studies she is not able to note down from the blackboard. She does not read what is written on the board and in hurry she notes down. Her writing is very dirty now a days. She wants to complete her class work but later cannot read her own writing. Few days back she was holding pencil in wrong way. I used pencil gripper to hold pencil correctly. She started holding correctly but sometimes she holds pencil in wrong way. So i have to interrupt in between. Please help me. Regards Poonam

aanchal 2019-05-15 21:38:58


Please get her eyes checked first. If the power comes out fine then you should work on her visual tracking, visual memory and writing skills (posture, grip, paper hold etc)

let me know. 

Sarveshabhi 2019-05-15 23:32:13


Hi Mrs. Poonam ji, Its Not your daughter's fault, It happens with every kid . Kids try exploring the ways of holding a pencil just the way they hold other things like a knife or a screwdriver. Regarding her handwriting. Ask her to practice handwriting using a handwriting book. I know it sounds kiddish, But I myself did this till my highschool because my handwriting I myself couldn't understand. Let her take her time. In a span of a weeks time you will see the change. 

Sarveshabhi 2019-05-15 23:37:54


Hie Sir, She is just lacking the grip and the hands are not flexible enough to go faster mode. The best remedy is to follow the ancient method. 

Take dried pepper seeds in a bowl, ask her to pick as much as she can and try to squeeze using her fingers and palm, this activates the veins and makes the hand more flexible. 

param27 2019-06-14 10:43:45


buy some wrtting books and make her practice


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