Reading skills of a 5 yr.old

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marya 2010-05-04 17:14:57


can any one tell me what is the average reading skill of a 5 year old son knows phonetics but makes mistakes while using it ....for eg he knows 'y' is pronounced as e..but every time he first says 'why' itself like  mwhy for  my, kewhy for key etc.....similar problem is there with 'h', 'w' . whether this happens with every body .... what can be done to improve grasping power and concentration?

mlaks 2010-05-05 11:56:44


Hi, My experience of phonics has been that first of all, they need to understand the sounds associated with each letter. The sound for "Y"is actually the hindi "y" as in the first sound of the hindi word "'yantra'".

Next, they will need to blend the sounds, i.e. in cat , it is c-a-t, where the first sound is c, the middle sound is a, the two together make CA, and the last sound is t. so CA and t together make CAT. This takes lots of time and practice for kids.

Phonics normally helps kids to read 3 letter words with a vowel in the middle place, for eg cat, jug and any other combination. But phonics does not work for most other words.

Then you can teach the kids sight words - i.e. simple words like he, she, we, my, stop, come, etc. These words are read on sight, not by breaking up. The child will learn, after repeatedly looking, which word it is.

After this, its really learning the way we learnt when we were kids, i.e. w-h-y is why, p-a-r-r-o-t is parrot, and most of the time, phonics sounds are not much use, its only letter names that are used, as we use in learning spellings. Of course, phonics will help in understanding beginning and ending sounds of words, i.e., parrot begins with sound p and ends with sound t. Also simple words like mango can probably be spelt phonetically.

Don't worry about reading skills or levels, read lots of books to your kids and it will follow naturally. Books with pictures are normally more interesting. Bye and happy reading!



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