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smijacob 2010-03-21 13:48:47


I would like to know the good books which is suitable for 8 to 15 ys olds which provides them information  or classics or fiction/non fiction titles

smijacob 2010-03-22 21:29:48


Didn't see any reply... though i am getting intimation that reply is posted..whats the reason?


Parentree-GroupsCoordinator 2010-03-22 21:44:08


Hello smijacob,

We do not allow any repeated solicitations or ads on Parentree and the reply for your question might have just been that. Unfortunately, these spams get deleted after a delay, by which time you might have already got an intimation. We are working to resolve this situation.

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apar_sai 2010-03-23 14:41:34



There are other posts on this topic. Anyway here goes - depending on how well the kid is reading, children of this age enjoy comics - tinkle, amar chitra katha, tintin, asterix. My son loves the pre-teens set from TimeLife (yesteday we read about the immune system), but you will have to sit with them and explain patiently.

Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton are fiction authors that come ot my mind. These days kids get hooked to a differnet set of authors - series like Princess, Goosebumps etc.

You get abridged versions of many classics and you are lucky if the kid enjoys them :).

The best bet would be to take them to a library and let them loose. There are many kids libraries sprouting in Blore these days. Do you stay in the South?





vineeta 2010-03-23 14:52:56


 hi..its near laxmi road area.pretty dusty to go there ..but after landmark and crossword .it was a good change..although not much of variety


smijacob 2010-03-23 19:42:27


Thanks Coordinator..I was wondering where the replies disappeared.

apar_sai ,How is tintin and asterix? Is it worth investing in those comics?How much is the cost of timelife series?

Vineeta,Are you mentioning about any library or bookshop?


vineeta 2010-03-24 08:36:23


 mentioning bookshops..for this age group there are maths ,science,english and GK workbooks aptitude /maths     books by shakuntla devi and others..


apar_sai 2010-03-24 09:14:09



The series are expensive. You'll find Asterix/Tintin in libraries near you. Try, they door deliver books. Which area do u live in?

Where is laxmi road?





Swapna2003 2010-03-24 21:12:45



I agree with apar_sai series like Asterix, Tintin, Spirou, etc are very expensive. Library is the way to go. When I was browsing in another group of parentree regarding weekend math activity, I happened to check website of library by name Books N Toys.

On that website I saw good collection of books. They also seem to have door delivery. Check it out.





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