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nona 2010-02-10 21:47:02


Hi Everyone

Im facing a lot of trouble with my 6 yr old son ... every morning before going to school at 6 am. ,he feels sick and wants to vomit and most of the times he does....iv tried avoiding gvng hm milk...letting him go empty stomach to school coz at the thought of drinking milk or eating a buiscuit/ a pc of apple makes him vomit....hv been to doctor but have not overcome the problem...... if any parent has similar situation  ,pls would like to know how to deal with it..........


RamyaRavi 2010-02-11 10:37:06




Check this link out.


some14u 2010-02-11 10:52:52


Hi Nona

Ya thats ture many childrens face this .....ya my child do n still now he to is 6 n having same prob..he will refuse to have anything in morning . he use to feel it rt fron around 3n half or four years . or i can say as he started going to school it started.

see there's nothing to worry n u too dont take it as illness or make ur child feel that he is ill. This happens with few childrens n there r few reasons behind this . u check them out n work accordingly.

1 the child is not too intrested in going to school. or something is there in the school which he is bit scared to face . it can may anything ,frds , homework, does'nt wanna study the way he is tought, during the way up n down the school. each n everything u should check out with him . but be sure u dont force him or scold him n ask. its just a scare feeling which a mother can easily heel with her love . n for that u need to have patience n love for him.

2 The most important is his stomatch ............. he must be having bugs inside . do u give him the dose of it once a month . if no plz do it soon. this will help u lot. if u dont have the dose buy it from medi shop . u can take the dose name.....ZEE BEE  its good i give the same to my child . 2 teaspoons for 2 days before he sleeps in night . along with that give him some digestive tonic which will help him. like Aristrozime which has different flavours  or Liv-52 by himalaya company ..i give Live -52 . its ayurvedic n is good for any age .

3 Dont force him to eat . n u try to make some thing for him which he likes the most . atleast for few day he may still take time . i mean to eat . that too he will feel only when he sees his favourite thing .try  to give some salty thing may be very little but its ok.

4 one main thing is give him time of his own to get fresh in morning . like it should not be hey get up its late ,get fesh ,brsh n all.........b a bit slow . give him his own 10 min to comeout from his sleep , i mean wake him up .talk to him or u do ur work ask him to wash him face n mouth n talk to u for a while whatever he likes.then after 10 min ask him to do all his work.  i know in morn with kids its too difficult to take extra time but it works

when ever u have time sit n talk to him what he likes to eat in morning n all.try to sit with him in morning for some snacks he will like to have with family . i know its difficult n not possible evrytime foe us to follow . but we can try sometime . he will have atleast something when all r there .

5 n the thing is if doesnt empty his stomatch in bathroom ........ i dont think it would b easy to eat in morn as well as he will feel that vomiting sensation . anyways after u start with that tonic n bug dose i think . he will improve a lot .

so all the best n have a healthy child



Sumo 2010-02-11 12:39:46



As pointed out, these things have some psychological significance - nothing of great significance usually to us but to the child.  Addressing that concern might help - it is usually the anxiety around going to school at this age (even if they like school, just the fact that they have to get up, get ready and leave so early can cause anxiety).  Not hurrying up the kid may help. 

Similarly, most kids cant go through that long period of starving while sleeping - so, a good heavy before-bed food might help.  If it is gas, then starting the day with some light food like Marie biscuit chewed and eaten with some water helps.

If you believe in Homeopathy, there are homeo medicines for this complaint - to address both emotional angle and the physiological one.  You may want to try it out .

Children usually outgrow this problem though it is a bit disconcerting during this time. 

Hope this helps.   




nona 2010-02-11 18:49:00


Thank u so much for ur suggestion .... will surely get the med. ..



Chaplin 2010-02-12 18:08:45



My son who is 6 years also has same prob..I realised it is the tension around getting ready to school..once he goes, he comes back what I do is when I wake him up in morning, I decide on an interesting/funny topic, something that happened previous day and start talking about it when he is still in bed.I lie down with him, hug him and start the dialogue. He then starts replying and in another 5 minutes, he is up and cheerful. Sometimes I put on some nice songs he likes. Ofcourse still he gets the vomitting feeling but I tell him it is normal to feel like that about goin to school, even grown ups feel same to go to work but it is part and parcel of life and we have to just try to enjoy our day. He infact asked me one day when he can retire like his grandad!! We have to balme our school system to put so much pressure on kids, still we have to teach them to survive.

Dont worry. All the Best




nona 2010-02-12 19:57:09


Thank u ,      Chaplin     for ur reassaurance... will try n adapt ur policy before waking him ...



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