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sri16372 2013-11-27 12:25:45


Hi friends,
please help me for this problem. my son is 8 and in std 3. he is very smart and attentive in class, good in drawing and well behaved. however, when it comes to writing in class, he does not complete notes, i was wondering if there was a problem with his eyesight, but it does not appear to be. he writes slowly and due to this is not able to complete notes in all subjects. he writes notes in one subject and leaves the rest. on some days he writes. iam worried as, when the std increases, he has to write more and fast and will he be able to do it? shd i approach any peadiatrician for prof ref?

KALPAN 2013-11-27 15:29:19


Hi sri16372
Take his writing practice at home i.e.copywriting 1 page daily from some book. You give him some specific time within which he has to finish or sit beside him n see how he is writing.  This problem I also faced for my daughter who is also 8 n in std 3.  She was concentrating more on handwriting due to which slow writing.  Once she was unable to complete the exam paper also.  Then I told her not to concentrate too much on handwriting. Thoda edhar udhar handwriting is OK but u have to finish be it notes in the class or paper.  Now she is coping up.
Hope it helps
No need to take any professional help for this.

CtlsRajesh 2013-12-26 14:19:54


My answer is same as KAPLAN. Your son need writing practice. Give him a daily task for writing.

mickey 2014-01-18 11:28:29


Hi Sri, I agree with Kalpan.
Practising at home helps but its difficult to make them do if kids arent interested. 
It looks like a monotonous task for them and eventually, they lose interest.

You can make writing sessions more interesting by introducing something different each time. You could buy a nice attractive diary and tell him to write important events/ occasions or  whatever he has done during the day.  Sweet memories from the past is a great option..:).. You could also give him any simple topic and tell him to write a few sentences. You could help him with writing initially and he will get used to it soon. Make it a part of his daily routine.
 This will also improve his creatIve skills over a period of time.
At the end  of each week, give him a small gift . This way he will look forward to writing and would eventually improvehis writing   skills. I hv introdced the same and it works..:) give it a try...


MOHAN2575 2017-07-19 17:17:05


Hello Everyone

i am also facing the same issue 
can you all guide me how i can overcome this issue

please mail me your suggestion @

seesat365 2018-07-16 17:08:44


i have the same problem ... my son is in class 3, 8 year€™s old... very smart , good grasping power... is doing very well in studies and abacus etc.... but slow in writing and eating. Doesn€™t complete notes ... but somehow manages to complete the test paper almost all the time except occasionally. I sent him to handwriting class ( his handwriting was good.. not excellent ) but it did not improve his speed. Should I take him to conselling, just in case. His eyesight is normal. Pls any ideas??

Hema2018 2018-07-24 11:04:57


I too have the same prob with my daughter who is in 3rd grade.i found that the prob lies copying from board she gets distracted when he sees and copies from board she misses where she left and there she is getting we should practice them to copy from a book or white board it will help to speed up copying.Give them a story book and ask them to write the story in a diary .because my daughter finishes exam in time only she gets incomplete in classwork


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