Difficulty in pronounciatiation for the Letter "R".

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Jalaj 2010-01-15 12:47:22




My Kid is 5 + year, he is not able to speak the word starting with R properly, say for example - "Ram" etc. Previously he was pronounciation L, instaed of R, once we pointed him all the time m he started pronounciating it as , I can't write that but lets see how it is - hindi word of worf "Girl".. Its is Ladki, focus on the middle letter of ladki hindi word, and my kid says the same in place of letter R.. Please suggets , if some one has the issue and they know the right approcah.. Thanks in Advance




NJ 2010-01-21 09:56:59


My hub had problem with pronounciations during childhood. His parents initially thought that young kids speak like that they did not pay much attention to it. Then somewhere when he was around 5 or 7 years old a family friend pointed out to his parents to consult a doctor. Finally it turned out that it was because he had a extra skin between his tongue and his lower jaw that was holding his tongue from moving freely to speak properly. Then they had a minor procedure to remove that. Then he started speaking correctly after the procedure. The wound in the mouth took about a few days to heal.

It may not be the same case for your kid and probably kids of 5 years may still speak like this for somemore time, but anyhow since this is concerning you and to just rule out all possibilities of a physically related problem, take him to a ped.




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