how to inform the 10yr old daughter about menstural cycle

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prerna 2010-01-13 16:26:02


Hi, I would like to know is 10years the right age to give information to my daughter about the menstural cycle?  Shall we inform in advance or wait till the time the periods actually start? Pls advise

sushmi 2010-01-25 19:51:25



My view in this matter is, We can explain to them scientifically in before...that will help them to  accept the sudden changes without any fear..



prerna 2010-01-27 10:44:48


Hi Sushmi,

Thanks for your response.  Is it possible for you to elaborate.  What I have told her is that since she is growing up and as a part of that she might get a brown colored discharge on her panty, and if she gets that she should tell that to me and we will take care of that.


akki2010 2010-02-15 12:21:50


hai u have done the right thing. along with that u tell her about the use of napkins(whisper) and better keep one in her bag. tell her not to panic and call u at once if she is in school.  we have to tell them at this point of time. so dont hesitate n discuss wid her.


mom2gurls 2010-03-05 05:58:36


I think that is in the states..there is so much openess about talking open and honestly with the we have sex education in 5th grade.

My daughter is turning 10, and I dont want to freak her out..on the other hand...I am wondering if I should give her the talk.  I try and keep my discussions high level..if the kids want me to elaborate...I do.  But alas the time is coming when my little girl is going to grow up.


vedicmaths 2010-03-18 20:00:38


hi there

i am a girl trainer and run a study circle by students and for students.

and let me share this with all of you.-the best one to tell these little girls is not you the mother, but the other girls who are a little bigger than these little girls. so why dont u employ a little senior girls for this job


sels 2010-06-09 10:25:06



My daughter is now 11.9 years old. The symptoms of her puberty has started and I am anxious too waiting the that day.

When I had my periods first at the age of 12. I thought ,something was terribly wrond with me as my mother and relatives started gossiping as its a big deal secretly. I was not aware of any thing regarding this and I cried almost 2-3 hours feeling helpless that day.I was told about the happening only after 2-3 hrs after the confirmation test was over by my lady relative.

I did not want this to happen to my daughter so a couple of week before I talked and showed the youtube animation picture on the happening during the menstrul cycle. She also asked her doubts openly.

the most testing questions were:

1) how do sperm get into the female?

2) what do they do in first night after marriage?

My answer for the first question was:

1) You are not old enough to understand it now so will let you know later.

2) As according to our Indian culture, boy and girl are allowed to meet and talk to each other till they are married. First night is the time when they talk and plan about their future.

I don't know what and all is cooking up there in a 11 years old brain and how I am going to answer her questions.

I am not sure how much is too much for the kids of her age. Is there anything like age appropriate information?I think, we, parents should take up sex eduation class to clarify the children's education.


aanchal 2010-06-09 11:44:48


i believe that 'sex education' is a very vague and broad term. it emcompasses many things and not all the things can be told to a child in a couple of lectures when he/she reaches 'a particular grade'..all kids are capable of asking and understanding body physiology, though at their level. the same question will have different levels of answers when asked by a 3 years old and a 13 years old..your answers will depend on many things..your comfort level while explaining, the level of PDA in your house, the kind of exposure your child has.

since girls are reaching puberty very early these days (couple of girls in my family reached at 8), its very important to educate them..but then educating them doesnt mean that an 8 years old should be explained all gory details of bleeding and ovulation and pregnancy. some details can be given and should be given to avoid the trauma of suddenly having periods one day..also, even if your girl has no sign of reaching puberty, her classmates may have, and their traumatic experience might scare your its best to prepare her with couple of details to begin with

i remember when i was 11 my mother one day, while buying a packet of whisper for herself, saw me watching her  (or rather staring at her) when we reached home, she took out the packet form the shopping bag and told me what it was. it tensed me up for sometime. she kept a close eye on my behavior for next few days and kept explaining and calming me whenever i asked something or was tensed. just then one of my classmates had an 'accident' in class and the girl was aghast..she was crying and so were all the other my surprise, i was calm(due to the knowledge backup!!) and went to call the classteacher. my friend was then sent home. i told my mum what happened at school and that was when she added couple of more details..that prepared me well for my periods which started 2 years later! 

in my blog, i have shared a small conversation with my 2years old son..its on the same thing..he asked me 'whats love' and i answered in my own way which he would understand.



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