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sachpreet 2013-03-14 16:09:25


 My child will be in class 1 from April. School don't take exam till class 1 but still they take assessment.Today he performed in a play .Again & again his madam says to be active & to speak dialogues loudly but still he didn't speak so loud. From the february he is writing very slow.His madam ask me to make him active.Tommorrow is his assessment I don't know what criteria they will follow.I try not to get disheartened but stil sometimes i get stressed.I know i shouldn't compare my child with others as per my knowledge every child is unique.There is one girl in his class.Madam takes her in every activity.She is good in speaking, writing.last year she got first position in academic.This year also she will get Ist position because madam is very impressed by her.Every time when i go to pick him my child.She used to praise her. .I know every child should get recognition for his or her talent. I am feeling guilty i didn't prepare my child well or he didn't speak.From last monday same dialogues were going on.My child is very tempermental & gets irritated if daily i ask him to practice the dialogues.In any activity he don't want to prepare much at home.He is a bright child but still when i saw other kids names on prize list,some amount of disappointment naturally comes.


Ramagane 2013-03-14 19:39:52


 Dont put pressure on your child or compare your kid to others . He is just budding give him some time.. Talk to him and ask him what he wants , try to have healthy conversation. I think the teacher is not trained to be a teacher. 

Long way to go you cannot get disheartened or disappointed for these things . Rather you should find a good way / healthy way to improve him. 



Ram G.


mylittleworld 2013-03-27 13:40:06


 correctly said Mr.Ram

have u tried waldorf parenting?



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