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sarasrl 2013-03-12 13:59:33


Hi all , My kid is studying in class 1 and is good at studies. But she is having this careless attitude which is not to care about her belongings. This year we got her all new things. New pair of black and white shoes, new sweater etc. Once she came home exchaging her new sweater with someone's old short sweater which was very tight. When asked , she told us "I donno how it got exchanged". The other day all of kids removed shoes for dance practice and she came back wearing both right leg shoes. One is her new shoe and the other is worn out very dirty shoes which anybody can easily identify. Again when we asked her she says "Madam asked to come fast ". And again yesterday all the kids removed black shoes and she has got her new clean shoes exchanged with old -dirtly -worn out shoes. Those shoes are so worn out that we can easily make out  without having to look closely at them. WHen we asked her she keeps mum. These are major things , not to mention numerous pencils,erasers, sharpers scales , crayons that are lost. Many times her dairy , text books were torn by others. She says they just pulled it from me. Donno what to do...We can't keep scolding her everyday..But I'm very upset with her yesterday's deed. How to make her more responsible about her things? Please provide suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

RoshMom 2013-03-13 07:17:18


 Hi sarasrl, 

I can relate to it very well as I have also been going thro the same careless attitude with my son. He has lost his jacket and sweater once, as you said and also has been losing his toys often which he carries to school everyday and the most irritating thing is ripping all his pants on the knee area by crawling on the floor. And yes scolding didnt work even once. Here are some of the things I have been trying and I won't say he has changed himself completely. But seems to work a little. I label his jackets and sweaters with his name on the size tag and I also keep a folded cloth bag inside his school bag to keep his jacket and sweater every time he removes it in the playground or gym.  I dont have to worry about the staionery items as school provides them. But you can buy some unique shaped /fancy erasers and sharpeners which are not very common so that she can tell them apart.  The only thing I havent succeeded is to stop him from ripping his pants. I have told him that every time he doesn't lose things or rip his pants he is helping me save some money. So i will give him back some money (though in least denomination). It's been only a few days. I have to wait and see how it works.


sarasrl 2013-03-13 09:37:12


Thanks RoshMom,

Your reply gave me some solace to think that I'm not the only one facing these kind of problems. Labelling can work on sweaters and jackets. But what about shoes. Obviously we can't label it . My kid does not bother to look at the shoes before wearing it. Anyway I'm planning to give her post-it with her name to paste it on shoes whenever she removes it. What else can I do ? Any idea??


RoshMom 2013-03-13 10:56:01


You can use the shoe's tongue flap where the size is written to label the shoes.


Jenisha 2013-03-13 11:41:38


My daughter is in 2nd std, and in her school on occasions like this, they write a note for us in diary to label their shoes when there's any dance program at school so that the kids can find out their shoes.  And for small kids we have to keep an extra dress which is labelled and the uniform they are wearing also should be labelled.  And the waterbottles and snacks boxes also should be labelled.  So I don't think its a worrying habit.  The adults at school should take care of it.


sarasrl 2013-03-13 14:48:55


Hi Roshmom , Thanks will try that. 

Thanks Jenisha, for your inputs. I guess ew as parents should label whatever possible whether schools says it or not. That's being safest.


Rubu 2013-03-13 15:24:32


Arent all kids like this... My elder daughter is so like this... She loses things, takes things to school and everybody takes all her things.

Things has improved with time and having her sisters has increased her sense of responsibility.  So I would say dont worry, some kids are like that. My child goes to a small time high on disciplline school. If she were to go elsewhere then I think she herself can't cope.

Few things that I ve seen in my daughter which makes her miss out things, is that she is kinda restless with 100 thoughts going on in her head. she wants to multitask and cause of that she forgets.

As a child she never cared for her shoes, sand toys etc.. my younger daughter would carry everything for her. When she was 4, I ve seen my 2 year old worrying for her things. she would constantly pick up her things and start putting it in the stroller.

Things are better now. Its just a matter of time and ur patience.



sarasrl 2013-03-13 16:57:23


Thanks Rubu, Just by seeing these many replies makes me feel good that I'm not the only one who is facing these problems . . I just hope she manages better as she gets older.


akashyap 2013-03-26 05:16:28



Where can one buy labels? 




Rubu 2013-03-26 10:00:53


Staples keeps them...




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