How to improve kids writing skills for better grades

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Poonamtp 2013-03-02 06:40:58



My son is 8yr old and is in second grade. Usually his school conducts test with questions for descriptive answers like for Science,Geography,Literature,creative writing subjects. Most of the time he knows the answers correctly, verbally he can answer the questions but while writing the answer he can not convince the idea what he wants to say or what is on his mind about that answer properly. I mean meaningful writing or writing structure or organized writing in such a way that reader will get clear picture of what he wants to say. Descriptive writing which uses specific adjectives and nouns and strong action verbs to give life to the picture you are painting in the reader's mind. Say if the question is of 10 marks and they should suppose to write the answer in 6-8 or 8-10 sentences he looses 2,3 marks and get remarks write in complete sentences in detail or sometimes more use of vocabulary etc. Though he knows the answers correctly his writing skills can not convince it by proper and upto the mark writing.For eg the Question is If you were visiting Atlanta what things would you want to know about the city? Give three important facts that would help someone traveling to Georgia(Atalanta is the capitol of Georgia) actually the answer is not simple its tricky to write say suppose the question is asked about Mumbai or Delhi. Each time different types of questions will be asked in tests but to write them properly is important. So my point is How can I improve his skills so that he can write the answers to any question asked in exam.

Looking for inputs from everyone here. Thanks. 

Poonamtp 2013-03-02 07:03:32


One more thing I want to add they don't have textbooks for this, need to check Atlas or notes or reference books or on internet to gather information about topics.


Expertincn 2013-03-04 12:39:01


Every kid has his or her ability and way to learn. The children who are not able to learn properly is not their fault. But I think that the way they are taught is wrong. 

The ways can be like. whenever making your child study make a diagram to show him using different colours for different things. Like as you said about New delhi. While making him learn the answer you can make a red fort in red colour, then flag on top of it to show it is capital city, then show river yamuna flowing in blue and so on. That means for every statement you want him to learn make one complete picture depicting all elements. After completing ask him to repeat all the things which he sees in the picture. I It is a very effective technique and I am sure it works. 

And more over you not to be very great in drawing!



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