Sudden Behaviour changes

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riitaj 2009-12-31 14:14:01


My kid is 7 1/2 yrs old. Till last month he was a very attentive ,well behaved (an example of a well groomed kid ,as told to me by his teachers) but suddenly he has lost all his concentration on his studies.He has become distracted ,cracks jokes that makes no sense, teases his freinds (which he used to detest himself ) In short he seems to have taken on a different personality altogether.To me it felt that he was imitating someone and more specificly  from his class,so i had a word with his class teacher who was shocked by his behaviour as well as his poor performance in his test papers . I have asked him the reason for his dstraction but have got no clue for his sudden change in his behaviour.I would like suggestions on how to handle this situation and also how to bring him back to hi old self.

Rajageetham 2010-01-06 09:58:05


Hi rittaj,


The reason behind this change might be through his friends or might be through somer of the TV shows he is watching. Keep your eye open and try to observe which show he prefers most and try to distract him from watching that particular show. please keep watching his friends circle also. dont worry. he will come to normal.


riitaj 2010-01-06 19:00:47



I guess the reasons u have stated are true.Though i have an eye for the T.V shows he is watching but his friend circle at the school is something i have to look into.Though i know most of his friends but there must be someone he is getting influenced with..I guess talking to his teacher about his friendship with his classmates will help.

Thanks a bunch for ur suggestion.






DrRamesh 2010-01-07 11:21:16


Check his friends circle inside (probably in higher classes as well) and outside school. Does he have a mobile handset for himself (check his friends list and SMS, if he has a mobile)

Have you got any new neighbours recently? 'Someone (a male in most probability -  age no bar)' from this route could also be the reason for the changes in your kid.

Also, I don't want to rule out another possibility. Your son is not getting the required attention he used to get so far. Are you spending quality time with him? Have a look into these aspects.

Wish that your son will be alright soon.



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