How to get my 7 yr old interested in food

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R2000 2012-10-25 23:46:59


 My girl is 7.5 years but has been always disinterested in food. She is puny and short too. Tried telling her the reasons but she doesn't take it on board.tried to keep her off food .she didn't bother to ask for food. Tried giving her choice of food wheth junk or healthy even then it didn't matter. Se takes hours to finish whatever and however little the food is. I tried giving her meal mat set times everyday to bring routine but didn't really work .we don't let her watch tv or read yet she's its and day dreams. She gets distracted veery easily.  Doesn't think she should and must eat for herself. Even when we force feed she keep it in month and forcing her to be fast means vomiting. First thought she was doing all this to get attention. But she is our only child and gets all the attention.

Iam tired and worried. Docs aren't giving any solution to this issue. Iam disparate and need help. Her not eating is also causing a marital discord. She realises but doesn't react I want a solution and break from all this. Please send in your experiences and suggestions.

jayavk1979 2013-01-08 15:12:35



My daughter is 6 and I can empathise with you. first try deworming her every 6 months. then try giving her an apittiser called ' Cypon. It worked for my daughter. thirdly try an involve her in lot of physical activity.

Hope this helps.


MomOfDivija 2013-02-12 22:48:49


The fact that you mentioned that your daughter day dreams points to the fact that she may be feeling lonely. Does she have friends/ siblings for company? You can try enrolling her for extra-curricular activities of her choice like music/ dance/ swimming, etc. Or take her to nearby park/ garden, if any, regularly for playing, if possible. Or have special outings with her, like take her to museum or aquarium, if feasible. Forcing will not help, you need to manipulate her into eating with tact. It is alright if her meal portions are small as long as they are frequent, like say 1-2 pieces of banana every 1/2 to 1 hour. Is she happy with liquid diets like maybe she could like honey in cold milk, crushed almonds with a pinch of black peppper in cold milk, coconut water, soups.


KALPAN 2013-02-13 10:48:10


Hi R2000

Are u a working mom or at home mom. If at home, try keeping her in a cresh for 4-5 hours. When she sees other kids eating, she will start eating on her own.



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