Responsibilities of Schools towards Children with regards to transportation!

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anjalic 2012-10-05 18:12:38


 Dear Parents, 

We all must be remembering last year around this time there were quite a few School bus accidents. I am writing this to have the factual knowledge about the responsibilites of the school towards such cases. There are many scenarios attached to it. 1) School transport is owned by the school.

2) It is contracted by the school, the appointing authority is school

3) The Children are on the study tour.

Normally schools are taking an undertaking from the parents that in case of accidents, parents will not held them responsible. While signing this I do have lots of questions in my mind. While taking admission, school tells us that they have transportation system which will drop you doorstep. 

How is that if the management of the bus transport is with school and it can not be held responsible? Same is the case of study tours. I can understand the protection of employees, but sould schools protect the negligence of the employees who are not taking due care or the contractor of the transport system or the drivers?

Basically I tried to find the rules and regulations by the government but i could not find it. Sometimes I feel that we are being dictated by what the schools say just for the sake of CBSC or ICSE boards, so called good schools. Are these things more important than the security of the child? Many a times even the parents are unreasonable, but is there any gudeline publised by the Government based on some reserach? 

Please anybody who has some information in this regards, kindly share it with me. I am sure suc questions might be there in the minds of some parents atleast.

Thanks & Regards

Anjali C


RoshMom 2012-11-21 07:33:37


Hi Anjali,

I don't know whether you already got the information. Thought this might help the others too.  Here are the links for the government regulations on school bus transportation. Now we can check these terms too while taking admissions from schools.




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