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gaykrish 2012-08-03 15:18:23


My son is 6 years old.He's in First grade. He is outspoken and can make quite witty comments that can make others laugh,but only when his people are around.

Only yesterday we had been to a shop where he bought two packets of biscuits and got two free.The shop lady said, 'You have four packets.Why don't you give me one.?'

This guy was rather taken aback.So he thought for a while and said, 'You have so many here,why don;t you take one of them.'

But in his school he is very quiet. His teachers say 'he is very good in his studies.He answers all our questions.He is so confident. But very quiet.'

He does not talk with all of his classmates,but only to a couple of them-whom he terms his best friends. He is afraid of swimming because 'Master throws me into the pool.'He is afraid of the fourth grade senior in the van who who says, 'Go and sit there or here.'

'Why can't my son say 'I will sit wherever I want.' Or why can't he just not bother to obey. I hate it when my little one sounds so subserviant. What do I do to put some

'dare to deal with me,'attitude in him?'


Nuha22 2012-08-03 20:48:12


Your son seems to be more friendly than the others simply because of the comfort level he shares. With some he may immediately connect and others he may take more time.

More than the attitude, teach your son how he should deal with such situations and that its ok to say No or talk to you when he feels uncomfortable. " the dare to deal....attitude" will also have its negative side too :) We dont want him to get aggressive as he grows right!!

Focus more on the teaching and handling such challenging situations!




NJ 2012-08-04 01:23:19


Regarding the senior - you have to keep telling him to say to the senior that this is where I would sit, coz i got here first.

For swimming find a different swimming master. They need to be introduced to something very gradually, not just thrown into something thinking they will get over their fear.

Children change. Dont be surprised that 10 years down the line, you may see a completely different child, who would stand up to everybody, sometimes including you too..




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