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Sumo 2009-12-01 10:11:55



I have a feeling that there is some thread on this in the stie but could not lay my hands on it and hence this post!

I would like to teach some mental mathematics skills to my 8 yr old daughter - she is not a 'natural' in maths and it puts her off if she has to do a long winded calculation or go through the tables endlessly.  Whenever we have given her tips on mental calculation and other logical methods like skip counting, she has liked them and it has improved her performance.  Instead of us doing it sporadically, I was wondering if there are some nice sessions on these skills - little informal and more fun way of learning maths.  I dont know if 'abacus' suits this need - I think not - what are the other options?    I am not looking at tuitions and regular classes but some sessions where concepts are introduced, even to the parent.




Ann10 2010-03-23 15:25:19


Hi Sumo, I just came across your interest in introducing Mental Maths to your child. I have a 5 yrs old and I have got her in Abacus classes which is once a week on Saturday. I find it works well with her cause Abacus coaching is about Mental Arithmetic.

I stay in Thane-West nr. Vasant Vihar and she goes to SANSKAR-Activity centre at Chestnut Plaza. They did give us the orientation of how to guide children ith Abacus and the value-add for the child in terms of improving their Concenration, Analytical Reasoning skills, Speed, Accuracy etc.

I you know anybody in Thane they can check the centre there as to how they conduct these classes



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