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Sharadha 2012-06-24 17:10:26



My son is 6.5 years old. When he gets up in the morning, he does potty in the bathroom. But on days when he does not do it at home he soils his dress and come home and does not even tell me. He sits and does some other work without even informing me about this. I have tried talking to him about the ill-effects of soiling his pants and the importance of cleaning himself, the importance of going to the bathroom when he should leaving aside everyother work,and none of this is making an impact on him. On some days he soils his dress even while playing at home. He wants to play, play and play only, not to do potty when he should. This is spoiling the harmony of the family as I have another child who is 5 years old, too. The school encourages all the children to use the bathroom whenever they have to, even when a period is going on. So all his excuses that his teachers do not allow him to use the toilet are not true. I find that he is either lazy to go to the bathroom when he has to, or he is so interested in his current work that he finds going to the bathroom a waste of time.  I have tried to inculcate the good habit by using all methods - give him a Banana the night before, sweet talking, rewarding, reading to him the goodness of using the bathroom, showing the pictures of how the potty sysem works - but nothing seems to work. And as a final resort, I have scolded him too. I have told him about his other friends who are neat and that they would not play with him if he stinks. But nothing has an effect on him. But otherwise he is a very shrewd, intelligent child. How do I make him use the bathroom when he has to?

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124567 2019-03-11 03:51:27


Hii lakshmi....im goin thru the same phase... Hws ur kid doin now... I hope he might have stopped soiling his pants now... My 5 yr old does the same.. He tries to control his poo just to play play and play and in the process of controlling poo.. He pees in his pants... How long did this continue in ur case.. Pls let me know.

Archsr 2019-07-23 11:41:48


some points to consider
(1) make toilet very entertaining space, with lot of their stickers, etc
(2) create nice smelling atmosphere there which is dry
(3) everyone in family inform to the entire family when they are doing potty
(4) explain what happens in the digestive system, model really helps.
(5) give some better rewards for doing potty properly, not chocolates etc, reward them with your time.


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