my child is always restless and pay less concentration....

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seenuu 2012-06-05 14:00:02


My daughter is 6 years and she is promoted to grade 1 now. She is always restless and she never concentrates properly. She will sit idle for hardly one minute. The very next minute she will start doing something. And for silly reasons too she will cry like anything. And she never sits alone. She is very scared of each and everything. She is very interested in studies. But she can’t memorize what we have taught. She neither slow learner nor lazy. But she lacks concentration.

I need help in handling her.

preetyslim 2012-06-05 14:59:37


 hey why don't u try meditation.. their r lots of books on meditation for kids.. start with small asanas slowly and steadily u vl find the ur kid is six i think vl be able to understand what u tell..... so start buying books from today.. and hey all kids r different from each other so why worry.... let them grow as per the age... .. slowly and steadily she vl be alright......


daughters 2012-06-06 06:20:01


She is doing fine don't worry, she is only 6 years, she is active that is important, don't apply any unnecessary things on her, she is going to be a genious girl.



anjalic 2012-06-10 17:48:23


 Your Daughter is a extremely talented and hyperactive child. It is very good to have a brilliant child. Along with her you too need to match with her energy levels. Improve her diet as her activites are more so as yours. Give her the games which are creative like, architecht set, mechano, workshop etc. Put her in swimming classes. Apartfrom this start taking her help in your daily religious activities according to your religion. If you still find it difficult for yourself, there are some training exercises available.


deepamallipeddi 2012-06-10 18:16:14


My child also is the same expect the memory thing. She is 4 1/2 years old.  Actually she also used to forget very quickly,  when I realized that she was not able to remember, initially I thought she is too young to remember  but again I started to pay more attention on her. I started to ask her the things she did in school. She could not tell much. Then I started to ask about her friends then she started replying me. Slowly I applied the same method in studies also. I started reading for her. Brought many books and worksheet with lots of pictures in them. When she saw the pictures is got excited and interested in the particular subject. Now she remembers and tells me about her school, friends, class, subject etc…



You pay more attention to your kid; more than what u do now. Observe what and how she is doing? Where she is facing the problem? Talk to her the much u can. Remember.. Talk only her favorite subjects.. give her some tasks to complete and ask next day what she did yesterday. If she forgets no worries.. Don’t scold her. Encourage her to try next time. Trust me when u don’t scold and encourage the kid saying "its ok sweetheart try to remember next time" these words do magic on your kid. She will sure try..   



Don’t worry about the kid. .. keep practicing. Your kid will be the best…  I can understand your worries. I too faced same problem. My child is very active, doesn't sit in one place. Always wants to play. Always wants to talk. Ask many questions… I reply her with pertinence then I will ask her after one day or 2 days after the same question. Now she is much better in remembering. But forgets some times.. I keep on trying.. now her class teacher says she has nice grasping power and very active in oral but very slow in writing. Now I m trying to concentrate on writing along with orals.


Just let the child do what she wants and question her what she is doing… u will see good result in future.. this is a long time task. Needs lots of patience from your side.



Good luck...

Best regards,




seenuu 2012-06-14 21:47:20


hey.... itz really consoling.....Deepa i should thank you frm my heart for yur reply.... definitely i will try out these things to bring up my kid to the level wot i am expecting..... her teacher also tol me that she z doing nice in her clas... easily grasping each n every thing..... anywayz hoping for de best...nd de same tym i will put my effort to bring her up......

once again i thank each n evryone for yur reply.....:)




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