swimming in chlorinated water

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Shkm 2012-05-19 14:01:04


 My kids have recently been learning to swim. I am worried about the effects of chlorinated water on their hair and body.

Any suggestions??

Also I have observed that they inadverently take in some water thru their mouth during swimming. What shud b done to prevent this?

manju2madhu 2012-06-02 08:31:33


Nothing can be done about tanning of the skin or drinking water duing swimming. Ask you kid to take bath before and after swimming. Keep his immunity level high. Lots of vitamins, proteins and ofcourse lots of water intake.  Always ask them to wear head cap and googles when entering the pool. The tanning of the skin will fade away after a few days, but if you are going to go to swimming regularly, the tanning will stay.

One home remedy is to apply coconut oil on the body and then apply besan powder and take bath.

Swimming is a bliss, let them enjoy. Don't worry much. Have a nice day!!



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