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AbhijeetKumar 2012-05-07 09:03:19



 I will be moving to Pune around end of July, As the admissions will be closed in all schools byt hen. I am looking for suggestions from fellow members on Good Schools in/ around Pune, whom i should approach for mid term admission. My son is currently going to class 1, here in delhi.

 Some of the names i have heard are

Lexicon International,
Prodigy Public School,
St Arnold,
Orbis School,
Aman Setu,
Vikhe Patil and

Please give your feedback on above schools.


 Former member 2012-07-06 14:59:48


Hi Abhijeet,

Vibgyor and St Arnold are good schools. It will be difficult to get mid-session admission in St Arnold, though. However you can try just in case ther is a vacancy. Admission to Vibgyor should not be a problem. Although school is good but fees are high.

Aman Setu is a school with very interesting new teaching methodology. I had a chance to talk to some of their staffs and teachers and was pretty impressed with their knowledge and conviction. The only concern is, being a new methodology, this is not yet time tested. You can check this school also.

Orbis is an useless school. This school is completely commercial and marketing oriented, with little focus on students and education. They have impressive web site, bill boards, great admin staffs, admission counsellors etc to lure parents...however, teachers, what should be core assett of a school, are pathetic and do not remain with the school for long (under payment?). This adds too much of disturbance in the study. The school talks about lot of extra curricular activities, unconventional teaching methodology etc. But being run by incompetent management has no discipline and direction.

There are few other very good schools missing in your list that you may consider - Bishop's, Power Public School,  St Maries, Hutchings, Vincent, DPS.

Good luck!



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