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Shkm 2012-04-11 04:20:12


 My daughter is six years old and in Grade 1. She loves to read, colour and draw. But when it comes to actual school, she does not pay attention.

Her school work is mostly incomplete. Even her school drawings are incomplete.

Her teacher in UKG used to complain that she is distracted in class and has to be reminded time and again to complete her work

I have tried teaching her at home. She grasps most of the concepts pretty wel when I teach at home. But Even at home, I have to be behind her to complete her worksheets.  But most of her ans are accurate.

I need help in handling her.

Shkm 2012-04-11 04:31:39


 Also wish to elaborate that she gets tired very easily and if given a choice would sleep for more than 12 hours per day



aanchal 2012-04-11 09:50:39


check out these

from your description, it seems less of hyperactivity and more of distractibility. you also need to check her nutrition level. lethargy and sleepiness are signs of poorly developing body sometimes and this may have effect on the functioning of brain too. if she looks pale, she may have low Hb levels in blood (low iron level in blood is a big cause of inattentive mind)



Shkm 2012-04-11 13:49:05


 Thanks for your reply, Aanchal.

I wil check. I will also get her checked for OCD mentioned in one of the discussions, because she also has frequent nightmares.




aanchal 2012-04-11 15:42:23


OCD as in obsessive compulsive dosorder? nightmares are generaly considered a part of post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) and not OCD..please clarify if i am understanding OCD wrong here


sp123 2012-04-15 02:04:41


hi aanchal !!

i personally  feel u r doing a grt job of guiding parents in all aspects.

i would just like to discusss with u regarding my son who is 4y3months

1.)he is having speech problems as he speaks ,but its not clear partially.some r understandable n some r not.

2.)he is unable to realize stories ,as well some concpts like relationships among our close relatives like that of grandfather,granny,uncle(matrnal)etc.

3)he is keen in viewing educational CD and also learns from it faster,pencil grip is improving,does coloring,writs alphabets but needs help in it,like we have to sit with him for the completion of the whole page,else he does some of it n leaves it incomplete.

4)he repeats whtever we ask him to like he knows names of fruits ,vegetables..etc.

5)he does not answer to teachers even though he knows it, gives only smile.acc to his teachrs he is not able to mix with his frnds this i feel he tries bt due to lack of clarity in speech he doesn't get response well n setback.

6)i want him to be more expressive in every other kids who narrates wht have they gone thru in school...etc.

7)also i found a strange behavior of his being obsessed with fan ,every 15-20min his attention diverts towards fan ,if it is off he asks for put it on,else the otherwise.if he is coloring then after 10-15mins he again gets diverted to fan..(this was a example)

i m totally confused as to how to handle him ,he eats,brush,write,colors,speak(partial)..etc by himself,bt still i want him to be more undrstanding like kids of same age

.here i would like to mention that intially he use to get several bouts of bronchitis,n for this he is been staying indoors,..but now it is reduced .we also have another kid who is 5y10m old ,she is fine in all aspects.....but whenever she tries to play with my son she doesn't get response well so gets disappointed,also many times he pats ,kiss her sister n the next momnt he would beat her.

pls help me!!!!!


aanchal 2012-04-15 11:27:43


you need to take your child to a psychologist to find out whether its delayed development or deviant development. not to worry much, but its always good to be sure about the real reasons.

continue to encourage him at home. which school does he go to?


sp123 2012-04-18 03:01:49


thnx aanchal !!!

he goes to a normal school.


Kuchan 2012-04-20 19:32:29


My child is similar in nature and is PDD-NOS. I pray that your child is not in that category but it is good to check it out with specialists. I would recommend NIMHANS for checkups. They have experienced mental health specilists


aanchal 2012-04-21 06:01:07


i have my own reservations about NIMHANS. i am sure its the best place for neurological issues..but when it comes to children's developmental problems, i have my own doubts. mainly i have seen hasty and overdiagnosis of problems being done by doctors there when it comes to kids. to diagnose/treat children one needs to give ample time, build rapport with the child, understand the case fully from parents, explain them. many parents come to me crying with the 'diagnosis' from NIMHANS. when i sit with the child on the first day, his shyness/hesitation/fears may stop him from interacting with me and i know why the doctor gave the the 'diagnosis'..but it doesnt stand correct by the 2nd or 3rd meeting. and in few cases i have found that 'autism' from NIMHANS turned out to be PTSD, poor speech turned out to be performance anxiety and so on.

so IMO, when it comes to problems like ADHD, ASD, LD, IQ, speech, one should consult a certified psychologist, not a psychiatrist, who can give at least 45 minutes in the first meeting.


Kuchan 2012-04-24 19:30:22


My son is DX PDD-NOS by Yasasini of Fortis and was cleared by NIMHANS saying it is only delayed speech and social anxiety. But yes Aanchal is right - they are too hasty.

BTW, Aanchal who do you think in Bangalore can give a reliable diagonosis for PDD-NOS/Autism type of cases.


aanchal 2012-04-24 20:08:11


parijma, five, asha kiran, behavior momentum, Dr ashok@ st john, turning point, aurinko acadmey are some of the places which seem to give good diagnosis.


Kuchan 2012-04-25 19:17:11


I have personal experience with Dr. Sulata Shenoy of Parijma and Behavior Momentum. Dr Shenoy always gives a very negative vibe and no child with autism/autism like problem can open up in front of her. I took my son to Parijma when he was 3 yr old and Dr. Shenoy has dxed him to be ASD with below par IQ and near zero social communication but I felt it is because he did not like her and closed all communication channels when replying her questions. One good proof  is now at 5 year and few months he is described as the most brilliant student by a normal pre-school teacher. Hence I would not recommend Parijma to anybody.

As for BMI is concerned they evaluate only the skills based on ABA and does not provide any diagnosis. They are one shrewd institute which tries to make the evaluation much lower than actual and show after few months that the student has improved so much by them. But they have the most efficient+experienced ABA therapist in whole Bangalore, Smitha Avasthi. However she herself does not take any session.

I have heard Dr. Ashok@st John is really good. Does he conduct CARS or ADOS test?


aanchal 2012-04-25 20:50:20


kuchan, i am sorry you had a bad experience with sulata shenoy at parijma. i have seen her recent reports from turning point and my impression of the reports are of relaxed diagnosis. however, i will keep your experience in mind for future references.



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