How to understand child psychology?

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Rebecca 2012-03-14 12:35:31


 My son has started showing a new habbit, he writes one of his friend's name every corner of the house. He is just 7.6 years and his friend is hardly 9 years. But whenever my son goes to play his friend also participate in the activity though his friend is big so he wins everytime and other friends of my son who are also younger to him, praise this child. Now his friend has become superhero for him. 

I am worried about his this behaviour should not get a inferiority complex in him.

Can anyone tell me how I should boost self confidence in my kid?


Anshul007 2012-03-14 13:20:48


yes your son is impressed and influenced from another kiddo.. ask his DAD to play and spend some time with him then he will realize that what ever otherkid is doing is nothing and he also can do it , other wise he can be demoralized ..

try to spend some time and make him understand the lifecycle of life..


Rebecca 2012-03-15 12:47:10


 Hi Anshul,


Thankyou for your reply.

Actually his father play some games with him like carom, chess but he does not find enough time to play outdoor games with him .he took him to stadium for 2 months contionusly to make him learn football but due to my husband's hectic schedule they cannot proceed it further.

My son does not show interest in learning games from his father and just ignore the instructions given by his father during playing time with his father. He wants to do whatever he knows about the game and gets angry when his father gives him the feedback about why he is not winning the game or how could he have done better. It makes my husband annoyed and he also loose interest teaching him games. Even though my husband was the chess campion in his college times and very good in outdoor games in his school times. 

Please suggest me how to make my son undertand that if he wants to win then he has to follow the instructions of the master.




zayaf 2012-03-15 13:54:12


 HI Rebecca,

In my opinion, it is futile to teach your son how to win.  We human beings are all winners on this planet.  Your son needs to be taught how to enjoy a game and achieve satisfaction and happiness in his pursuits.  Those who excel in a particular field do come out as winners but that is not what is needed for him at this stage.  The more he gets interested in his studies, games whatever he is interested in, he needs to enjoy it thoroughly and feel satisfied and not look upon someone who wins and feel unhappy.



Rebecca 2012-03-16 14:22:27


Hi Zayaf,

Thanks for your opinion. But what should be done if he cry and feel bad about not getting madel in any game  in the school as well.

How to make him understand that it is a part of game. He might be good in some other game or activity.




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