Need ideas for games for 9 year old birthday party

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mango_mama 2009-11-12 11:42:00


My daughter is going to have a birthday playdate/party. She is going to turn 9 years old. She is calling about 10 (girls and also boys) her age. We are calling them on a Saturday for lunch and a playdate. It is a drop-off.
Wanted ideas for games?

1) Wanted to have 2/3 organized games. Any interesting games? Any ideas for a fun (but easy for me) treasure hunt for kids that age. Any ideas?
2) Also wanted to have some things set up. So that they can be busy. Any ideas?
3) They will of course be playing some wii. Will have some extra remotes.

Thanks a lot! Always get lovely ideas from the group.

NJ 2009-11-12 13:14:15


When I was a kid, these were the games my parents arranged for my bday partys from what I can remember...

-Memory game

There will be some items on the floor that will be covered by a blanket/towel. They will be opened for 5 to 10 minutes(depending on the number of items) and the children will be asked to note them in their memory(not in the paper now). The items will be covered again and the children are asked to note whatever they could remember in a piece of paper. Whoever remembered the most # of items that existed gets the prize.

-For  return gift

Hide the gifts(The gifts should be a variety for suspense and luck factor). Tie one end of a rope to a gift. Do this for all the gifts. Ask the children to choose the rope they want to trace for their gift. The children will follow the rope across rooms, chairs and what not, and finally find their gift.

Other games can be musical chair, housie(you will find housie kits in many toy stores and malls), passing the parcel.

9 year olds may also like Dumb charades. It can be hilarious..




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