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Hasu 2012-02-03 20:21:14


My son is 6 years old, who is very very interested in watching TV through out the day, so is there any solution to stop him watching this I thought.

My friend suggested me about making him habit of reading books.  So I want to make him habit of reading books.  I need suggestion that what types of books are good to his age.




 Former member 2012-02-03 20:58:37


you raised a very important topic - and this is very relevant to parenting...

Television numbs is proven...when a child watches tv they see all flashy is too fast...when in school or house time doesnt go past so school child must spend few hours with teachers...children would expect teachers also to be fast just like they see in tv...but that is not they wont be happy...and get dreamy...and start thinking something else while in school - that is fast - and not listen to teachers...

I m a worried parent child is less than 3 yrs...and he wants tv....unknowingly I let him watch tv when very small - used tv to my mommy cant stop watching a few serials in evening...

i wish to undo...i searched for activities that keep child engaged and got really good too can get appropriate activities in parentree...

see this:


shreym 2012-02-04 10:12:21


Hi Hasu and Arjunr,

Thanks for this very important and useful discussion and informational link.

My son is 3 years old. He used to watch TV for the last 6 months or so..

Initially it all started with rhymes and ABCs and number videos we downloaded and put in a pen drive. But slowly he got used to cartoons also. It was like he wants to watch those cartoons all the time.

So, for the last one month we dicsonnected the cable, so, few times he tried to switch on and seeing nothing coming he slowly forgetting tv. We just told him the tv is not working.

For the last one month he didn't watch anything yet. or may be just 2/3 times we let him watch.

Other activities he is engaged with currently is, some times books.. alphabets, numbers and some times cartoon books and toys. I think he has slightly become more naughty and noicey after this, as he is less occupied, but this is better.

Not sure it will work with other kids.. and other parents, but we also dont watch tv much (like couple of hours max in a week), so disconnecting the cable wasn't an issue with us.

My suggestion is it is better to control it as early as possible. In case they still want to watch it, it is better to remove the caable and put some educational/sceince CDs or videos downloded to pen drives. But this also has to be controlled as in my son's case it started with edu videos and once he was bored with them he shifted to cartoons.

Would like to hear some suggestions from other experienced parents.





 Former member 2012-02-04 15:46:44


@shreym I too wish to disconnect mommy will definetely watch a couple of is a i better take him out that time..

also i will engage in other activities...

as a part of routine my son wanted to watch songs - kilimanjaro and singam...

but today i told him all actors and dancers has gone for lunch so they are not going to dance right now and have vacated instead of waiting for them we can play...or can sleep...once they come back from lunch you can watch..but he knows he can watch in youtube he immediately asked me for zoobie doobie and all is well....again i told same reason...i managed worked time i will engage insome activity or visit outside...but afternoons i better tell people gone for lunch...


tharini 2012-02-09 12:12:13


Hi all,

  Its a good topic....Even my son is watching TV always. He is not reading books, he is not getting the habit of reading books. If i opens the book, he will throw it. Me and mom tried different ideas like we both started to read (loudly) some books, or somtimes i will teach my mom with his activity books, but he is not allowing us also to read. We both stopped watching TV serials, me and mom are watching serials in laptop once he sleeps. I dont know how to make him to read. Somhow i made him to stop watching cartoons, but now he is watching discovery and AXN. I dont know how to stop watching TV fully and make him to read.

   After coming from office am spending only few hours with him, so i dont want to be very strict even during those few hours.

  Please suggest.


 Former member 2012-02-09 13:33:38


 @tharini, reason because he doesnt want to read - because reading activity is too slow and no fun...whereas tv is fast and fun...


in beginning 1. manage to stop tv 2. then start some art him color crayons, brushes and art paints - even if  he scribbles it is ok...

but he will slowly forget tv and the swiftness of tv....then he will come to that time u start patient :)

I m also struggling to make my child quit tv..but somewhat improved this week...


Hasu 2012-06-26 10:59:54


 Thanks arjunr,

I became busy with both my kids one is 6+ and one is 2, so did not check the post, today after reading this

see this:

I thought, how much danger with TV, actually my son is very busy in his holidays watching TV, he and his dad are having fighting just because of TV.  

I am trying to bring him some books from library, but he is not that much interested, but have to disconnect first cable connection.

Have to see if any changes will the there.



jl 2012-06-26 16:21:27


Hi All,

I am having a son of 9 years, he also watches tv and when i ask him to do his work he wont listen, to eat also i had to call many times means he is indulged in TV so much. Even i am planning to remove cable connection, but on saturdays and sundays i had to think.


PrityJ 2012-06-27 11:39:55


I tried everything, it is disconnecting of cable that has worked for me. My son is 6. He has now stopped asking for TV, and spends his time playing with his toys (previously they were ignored badly or forgotten after breaking).


 Former member 2012-07-02 19:26:03


 @jl and PrityJ

I just managed without TV....he has started playing games online the three year olds...esspecially the easy ones like chef piglet...this helped...

we play music and he is very interested in listening and that helpedtoo..but at this time he is able to browse thoroughly the net- he is now 3yr2mon, so I have new worries now...



jl 2012-07-05 17:22:37


Hi Arjunr

Thanks for the link. I will try this.




SandrafromBandra 2012-11-15 12:34:30


 This is what I do and it works:

1)Disconnect the cable- this way even the adults don't get lured by the idiot box. Or, subscribe only to selected channels. Tatasky allows this...not sure about others

2)Invest in good books. For smaller kids, books with a lot of pictures. Build a library. Keep a quiet cozy reading corner in the home.Keep plenty of books handy and lying around. 

3) Read aloud to your kids especially before going to bed. This should be done at least once a day. Even older kids enjoy this. Read in an animated way, i.e make faces, modulate your voice, do actions. Believe me, kids enjoy little one gets totally engrossed when I do this. Also, this sparks their interest in books and reading.

4) Do more out of school activities- singing, dancing, music, swimming, chess, skating...but keep a balance. There should be enough activity so that there is no time for TV.



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