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komalhyd 2012-01-20 16:55:38



My 6 yrs old son had started hitting other children in school. Also he started speaking very badly( not using abusive language). His teacher is complaning a lot about his behaviour with other classmates. He push and hit others. Aslo one very big problem that he had started telling lies to us and to teacher also.

I am pregnant and just entered in my 9th month. I am really worried about his behaviour as i feel that might be i am not paying attention to him and not taking him out like before. I read that this kind of behaviour can be because of frustration. But fail to understand. Please help me out in this matter. Waiting for your help...




Pari25 2012-01-20 17:14:12


 Hi Komal,

Is this kind of behaviour a recent development? Because in that case, it is probably just insecurity. Often, children whose mothers are expecting pose behavioural problems. It can happen because the child feels insecure about HIS position, now that a new baby is on the way. It is mostly a phase that will pass with time.

Meanwhile, from your end, start doing things to show your child that you love him as much as you used to. You don't have to do things that exhaust you physically. Do whatever you can- spending time with him, telling him a story, getting him a chocolate he likes etc.  See if you can get another family member or friend to take him out for at times. Fresh air is always good for children.

He needs to feel secure that the arrival of the baby will not hamper his relationship with you. Involve him in the preparations for the new arrival. Ask him what he would like to do for his sibling and actually involve him  once the baby is born. Make this baby's birth a positive phenomenon for him by taking his help and including him in ways that are convenient for you. Many children love to help out. It may not be possible to include him at all times. But do involve him whenever possible. The bad behaviour should stop once he feels secure. But in case it does not, keep reminding him gently but firmly that hurting others is not acceptable. It may take some time for the behaviour to change but don't give up. Keep trying your best, be patient and positive and you will see the change. 




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