Birthday party with a cause-suggestions pls

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Chaplin 2011-12-28 10:05:31



We are going to throw a party for my son's 8th Bday soon. Though we had planned initially not to throw a party and use the money for a social cause, since we are 6months old in the apartment we felt it would help our son to make new friends. But one thing I would like to avoid is people giving gifts to our son, partly bcos he already has most toys/games/puzzles and secondly I would like to collect money rather and use it for a good cause. But I am not sure how to communicate this to the invitee's parents. Should I mention the exact cause for which the money will be used? As of now, I am thinking of adopting an animal in Vandalur zoo. How can they contribute anonymously without anyone finding out how much they gave? Should I keep a piggy bank like thing or a box with slot to put envelopes in the party place?

Any suggestions would help.







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