My seven year old is very sensitive and cannot accept her failure eg.if she looses a board game!!

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nona 2009-11-06 14:03:25


My daughter is very sensitive when it comes to explaining few issues like being teased by her classmates. She cannot handle it if she has lost a race or game , she would again get very upset. Have told her its not about winning but about participation,im unable to convince her...

Please suggest , how can i help her...

NJ 2009-11-06 15:11:37


I think everyone when having failures would be a bit bitter in the beginning. How muchever times one has gone through failures, a new failure would always be difficult to digest for sometime especially if you wanted it so much. But then you learn to accept that failure after sometime. Its normal to get upset if you dont win. As long as it does not drive you to do dangerous things like not eating, depression etc, its fine. Just keep encouraging her there is always a next time, Failure is a stepping stone to success.

Regarding teasing by classmates,  children can sometimes be very mean especially to others who are considered weak. Avoid doing the things that invokes teasing, laugh along with the classmates or just plainly ignore them. Often its one kid who starts the teasing and others join in the fun. That kid also must definitely be having some funny thing that can be highlighted to others. Give that kid a taste of her own medicine and tease her back with that.



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