how to create interest for studies for kids aged 9 and cannot pay attention for max 15 mins.

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dids 2011-12-14 15:18:20


hi all, i m new to parentree. i found it very please can anybody give me elder one is 9. when she wants to study she gives all excuses. do not have interest in maths but at time finds the same subject interesting. i m confused. doesnt retain whats taught for long. forgets basics. cant fixing basics every now and than. same with languages. her favourite topics or subjects keep on changing how to handle this.

mizzs 2011-12-14 18:05:07


First work on her 'learning to study' skills-

1) Set a routine for study time that is not negotiable.

2) Let her engage in active physical play for 30 minutes before study time-this prepares her body to attend. Children's ability to focus on a task increases after physical play.

3) If she has a lot of hw, chunk it into smaller portions. If she attends for 15 minutes, then let her work on her lessons for 15 minutes and then take a break for five minutes. During break time, she should not watch TV or play computer games (as these do not end after 5 minutes and you will end up spending more time in getting her away from these two activities).

4) If you give her rewards, make it task first, reward next...otherwise the reward will not be a motivator.

5) Teach her to monitor her own progress-it develops independence in study habits. "What have you finished so far? Ok, so you have one more page to do..." If she gets up frequently from her study area, try not to engage in conversations (as children are wont to do that to avoid the work). Instead try something like, "Finish that sum and I'll answer your question..." redirecting her to the task without ignoring her.

6)Use a kitchen timer-"I want you to stay on this task until the timer goes off" serves as a visual and auditory reminder to stay on task.

7) To stimulate memory, play memory games. These can be using visuals or through language games for auditory memory.

8)What exactly do you mean by basics? If it in one of the language based subjects, after studying a particular lesson ask her to make her own book. Give her several blank sheets, ask her to write the key points-one on each page and illustrate appropriately. When she completes the book (make it like a real book-with title page, author/illustrator, dedication, etc), she can read it out to different family members-reinforces the concepts and simultaneously gives her confidence in being able to share her work with others. 

9) Create math games-there are free templates available online for ludo and such..make an addition ludo or whatever the topic is that week. This involves some preparation for you but if you put the time and effort now, you daughter will reap the benefits.

10) There are some good websites which have educational games...make sure your daughter gets to go on these after completing her work. That is in your hands.

11) Look up supplemental information online abut whatever topic is being coveredd in her class. If you find funky and funny facts to supplement what she learns at school, she will remember facts much better. Plus her interest will be arousded.

12) keep an eye on the attention bit. How does she do at school? If this is only a problem at home then she is probably tired from having a long day at school. If it is a problem at school as well, start talking to the teacher about what behaviors she/he sees at school. A typical 5 year old can attend for 15 minutes at a stretch...your daughter is 9. Keep that perspective and revealuate what kind of help your daugter may need as she moves up the grades. 


dids 2011-12-15 14:50:42


thanks mizzs,

that was very insightful. u asked about attention span i spoke with her teachers there also the same thing. if closely supervised works better but in a class it is not possible for the teacher to pay personal attention everytime. I discussed with the school counsellor she says that break the tasks for her. but frankly speaking the study time stretches. i have only kept 2 hours of study in her time table 1 in the morning and 1 in the late evening. but compared to speed of topics done in school we always lag behind by the time we have done one topic thoroughly the teacher has already taught 4  more and she is not prepared and that shows in the internal assesment worksheets. i spoke to teachers on many occassions but its comes back to square one.

the pointers which u have suggested really looks achievable .her T.V time is monitored she gets only 30-45 mins everyday maybe a full movie on weekends..i have not put her in any extra classes because there are so many activities at school.

she loves to draw and art and craft  so i got a suggestion that if i enroll her for drawing classes her concentration will improve do you think so.

thanks once again for the help looking forward for more thoughts


mizzs 2011-12-15 19:46:23


If she enjoys drawing/art and she is interested in taking classes then please do enroll should always have atleast one form of creative notonly nurtures a talent but also contributes to emotional wellbeing. I will add more ideas in a bit.


dids 2011-12-19 15:00:51


thanks once again. can u please suggest some websites for educative learning. from the school side she already has asset online test from edication initiatives. any more which can be helpful.


mizzs 2011-12-20 00:09:34


The sites listed here do not teach to a test. But they are ideal for spontaneous learning and, if your daughter is learning about a particular topic in science, you can look up information on that topic. The onus will be on your daughter and you in how you guide her. n the process she will enjoy 'learning' as it will teach her how to find information, identify what is essential (and fun).


The sites cover various age groups and subjects...look through these to see what would be ideal for your daughter. I will write up a list of ideas for working on her memory in a week or so.


mizzs 2011-12-30 23:49:43


Hi again...I have a list of ideas that you can use to teach your daughter to organize information while studying (to help with recall)...It is a big attachement as it has examples of how to use the visuals.  PM me and I will send it to you.


dids 2011-12-31 22:05:38


hi all at parentree,

Seasons Greetings to u all and a Happy New Year to u and to all ur loved ones



rkkarnani 2017-09-25 13:38:16


@mizzs....hello, i too was looking for help for my granddaughter aged 9 having similar issues as the child of 'dids'. Loved your suggestions given to her. You have mentioned that you have a further long list of ideas which you might have shared with dids directly. If possible do share it with me also. Me not very computer savvy this being first time on this blog not sure whether or not to mention my email here reply. 
Trsut you get to see this 'reply' of mine as this post is almost 5 years old. ! :) 

sssk 2017-10-13 11:02:04


Lack of concentration is the very common and main problem now a days.I am also facing the same problems for my elder kid and he also loves drawing.I already enrolled him in drawing class and ofcourse his drawing skills improves alot. But as far as study is concern,I have to sit besides him then only he could do his  work.The thing is i have to do my homework before making him engage in his study like prepare study chart what i have to teach or explain today and how i got result what questions should i asked. Believe me it is not big task and time consuming as it seems to be but it improves my kid concentration as well as basics.

@mizzs thanks for sharing such useful tips .I also want your list,Please share it with me also.

vishva74 2018-03-20 11:53:09


@mizzs, I have a son who is reluctant to study. He is in 2nd standard, 7 year old. Very stubborn. I also want your list of tips. Please share it with me. Ph number is 9620308771. email.



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